Monday, August 31, 2009

whew lordy

wow has it been awhile.....let's see recap recap...successfully celebrated my 21st birthday (aka got completely drunk every weekend).
spent some long awaited, much needed quality time with my homie slice fo life (yea I said it) Bree. Also spent some time with my favorite guy Brandon boo..(can't believe he's 9!! he's soo tall, he comes up to my boobs! which sometimes makes hugging kind of awkward.

Now I'm at school...survived the first week..barely. I like all my classes except my month long Mass Extinctions class...BLecccH!! so confusing. I really want to adopt my African American Women in History professor as my aunt...she's amazing!

So yesterday I discovered Tai-Pei frozen chinese dinners....i must say they save lives...pretty good for frozen food. however I made the mistake of getting garlic shrimp w/veggies ...i've been blasting off for hours..should've known better..garlic and I have never gotten along. i guess it's a good thing my friend didn't come embarrassing..but still sad he never

I did absolutely nothing productive sad. been in one of my moods way too drunk saturday night and made a HUUUUGE mistake that i would pay big $$ to take back...ugh...I'm such an idiot..don't know what happened. as a result I probably won't be drinking for awhile...actually I have no $ ....$ for alcohol is the main reason i'm going to apply for sad.It's weird how some people from my past decided to reappear at the same time...i feel like it was planned or something.

damn you garlic!!! jeez...

I also need $ to get these groucho marx eyebrows waxed with...oy vey

watching Tool Acadamy right now (so bad I know) and there's a guy on it who i swear i've seen before...interesting...hmm..

i love coco yummers...perfect meal for anytime.

all for now...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

yay for birthdays!

today's my 21st birthday!!

that's all for now....i'll post more after the celebrations