Friday, April 30, 2010


NOT in a good mood today...despite the fact that i had my grad check appointment and i'm set to graduate in december.

idk. sometimes people really frustrate me and i let it bother me when i shouldn't.

maybe if i take deep breaths it'll make things better..

i knew i shouldn't have stayed in bed instead of eating. blerg.

this did brighten my day a little bit..i love will forte lol

Wednesday, April 28, 2010






captain's personal log stardate: 4/28/2010

currently watching star trek: voyager. awesome.

when i was younger, my dad worked late during the week so the only real time my sister and i got to spend time with him on weekdays was after he got home from work. it was the same ritual: he'd come home to us at the backdoor "daddy's home daddy's home" then he'd sit down to eat dinner then we'd watch an episode or two of star trek..which ever generation was on tv at the time. he got home too late for us to watch tv he'd read us a story. eventually my sister and i grew out of star trek...definitely didn't truly appreciate star trek..or that time with my dad.

anyways the whole point of this post is to talk about the awesomeness that is star trek: is. i love that the captain of the voyager is a woman yay for the 90's!

ok i totally had more to say when i first thought of this post

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i need "how to be an adult" lessons

it kind of freaks me out, because over the past 2 or 3 years i feel like my true personality has really started to come out and i feel like it's stunted. i know i'm only 21 and just starting to join the adult world, but i have the maturity level of a 14 year old boy with a mind that's just as dirty. for instance today in my italian renaissance artists class my teacher was talking about believing in yourself when presenting a paper and blah blah...what do i do in response? sing "don't stop believing" by journey...outloud. yes out loud. lord help me.

BUT! after class when i told new boy it was stuck in my head he sang it with was pretty great. lol.

second thing. i really really REALLY need to work on this whole doodling thing...i'm giving myself one more semester to get thru's sooo bad. (at least new boy always says good things about them lol)

here's some of my lovely doodles from my greek sculpture class

overall today was a really good day....had my usual walk n talk after class with new boy...his 5 oclock shadow scruff made my heart go pitter somehow i made it through my 2 geology class without knowing what time it was since my phone died literally 10minutes before class started. i guess filling in my planner up through july helped too.

wore my favorite headband thing:

it's super stretched out and i'm sure there are some people out there that would disagree with me trying to make a faux sequin silver bow headband go with everything but i don't care, i loves it...there's something about wearing a bow..idk what it is.

yesterday i started working on my personal statement even though i won't be applying to school for many months, but i figured i'd get started on it now, anyways 5 minutes into it i began to wonder what would be a reasonable price to pay someone to write it for me...this is going to be hard. exactly why i'm working on it now.
and i must say i almost pee my pants every time the trailor for SATC 2 comes on..i'm sooo excited! AND even better, it comes out when my sister and i will both be back home for summer break, so i'm hoping me her and my mom can see it together since we saw the first one excited.

guess that's all....back to the city premiere!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

location location location

sooo while i was studying this afternoon (studying= staring off into space and daydreaming while occasionally highlighting my modern art book) i kept thinking about my grad school options and how i could honestly go anywhere..within the east and west coasts of course. then i thought about all the people i know who are making their somewhat future decisions based on their significant others and where they're located. i must say even though i bitch and moan about wanting a relationship, i'm glad i'm not in one, especially with my future being so up in the air. i'm going wherever i want to go for me...not for anyone else. that's such a good feeling to have. don't get me wrong, i totally understand that people would do that and i'm sure i would too if i was currently in a serious relationship, but at the same time...idk. i guess being single for so long has turned me a little pessimistic...oh well.

speaking of grad school, at about 2am this morning i added pratt institute of new york to my grad school list. that makes 3 that are in new york..2 in the city and 1 upstate. i figured i HAVE to get into at least one new york school..idk..i still have some time.

watched some more of the hills today....came to the conclusion that i am definitely definitely getting season 1 of the city. most definitely.

finally finally emailed the art gallery place about volunteering/intershipping (i have a bad habit of turning nouns into's fun sometimes). fingers crossed i there's space for me...if not i can always email this other center i'm looking at..i'm so excited.

still raining...

hey girl hey!

Font size
meet brianna. (she's the girl on the right)
this girl right here has been my best friend
for 7 years. she has always ALWAYS
been there for me when i needed
her and she has never once judged
me. (trust me i've had many moments
where i chose not to use my best
we jokingly call each other our "ride or die"
but i know bree will always be there for
me no matter what.
she's like a sister to me.
i'm writing this post, because i just got
off the phone with her
after a 5 hour STRAIGHT conversation.
i love this girl and i know we're going to
be lifelong friends.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

decisions decisions...again

so proud of myself, i got up showered dressed and went to the library and got my grad school shizz together. granted it took me an hour or two to get up and going, but i did spend about an hour at the library researching my 4 grad school options. i'm really really proud of myself, because not only did i print off info about the masters programs and how to apply; i ALSO printed off info on tuition/fees, financial aid and any housing stuff they had AND put it in one of those expandable multi folders things. *sigh* i'm super excited. started writing one of the papers that i'll have to submit as part of the application packet.

here are my current top 4 choices:

1. California College of the Arts in San Francisco- Curatorial Studies

2. Bard College, Hudson on the River, NY- Curatorial Studies

3. School of the Art Institute of Chicago- Arts Administration and Policy

4. NYU- Visual Arts Administrations

so yea there they goes.....i have to admit i kind of cheated with the programs i chose, because i 1. don't have to take the gre (thank gooseness!!) and 2. don't have to know a foreign language (thank gooseness again!) like i would if i was applying to an art history masters program.

i know myself pretty well and this order will probably change...i honestly can't choose between east and west coast..i loved loved LOVED california and i know i would like san francisco BUT there's something about new york that makes me want to go there...i guess never being there plays a large role. and even though bard college is only about 2 hours away from the actual city i'm sure if i attended there i visit nyc whenever. idk..we shall see. ..guess i wouldn't mind going to chicago either...i just know that's as midwest as i want to get for grad school.

in other news, i've been so happy lately...i love being happy for no makes life a lot more enjoyable. i kicked major pootang in my rococo presentation yesterday. none of classmates had "constructive" criticisms and my professor thought the information i presented for my paper was well thought out and all that jazz. such a relief considering how nervous i was and how unprepared i felt. not i just have to sit and write the actual paper.

currently watching the hills marathon...i prefer the city over the hills...i like whitney...and it doesn't hurt that the city is shot in ny.

guess that's all...going back to enjoying this crazy rainy spring day in bed.

Monday, April 19, 2010

cherry coke

i spent what, 4-5 days in san diego once and i miss it like crazy. crazy! idk what it is...i want to go back quick fast and in a hurry.

and apparently new boy and i dating now...didn't get the memo but we are. which is nice.

i love my friends.

school is dumb...not as dumb as before but still pretty dumb.

and i love this song and can't get it off repeat...such a great song.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


i love love love these two together!!! it's so cute the looks they give each other during the performance...and i love that beyonce knows the words. definitely one of my favorite couples

Friday, April 16, 2010

isn't jeff goldblum dreamy

idk why i am so into jeff goldblum, but he is awesome. love love love him on law & order ci

anyways, my mom always say it's the little things in life that make you happy. i totally agree with that...i was in the shower this morning and realized how much i love the feeling of the water running through my hair (one of many pluses for having natural hair) it made me so happy for some reason. the thought of kissing makes me happy too...i love kissing. it's such a sweet and intimate act.

for my humongous paper in my rococo class i'm writing about the connection between myth eroticism in rococo painting and 18th century sexuality..a lot of my paper is about francois boucher who is an amazing painter. definitely my 3rd favorite. on of his paintings i'm discussing is his "hercules and omphale" (below)

isn't great?! not a very good reproduction, but still amazing.

got $ in my pocket which means.....somebody can get her drink on tomorrow night! whoo-hoo!
but i promise i'll be on my best behavior this weekend.

bee-tee-dubs i love my friends. major hearting took place this week :)

back to my volumes 1 &2 of snl: best of will ferrell

"and BOOM goes the dynamite"


i like it when a boy with breathtaking(ly?) blue eyes invites me to get ice cream with him.

i also like it when said boy with gorgeous blue eyes laughs at the things i say even when they're weird, i like it when he doesn't address my bad habit of word vomit. i like it when he notices that i'm constantly humming that tune from kill bill when whatsherface is walking through the hospital to kill whatsherface. i like it when boy calls me and i'm super sick and he says "aww poor sydney" i like finding out new things about the boy.

however, i DON'T like it when i think about the boy all the time..a lot more than a person should considering we've hung out twice outside of school. i don't like this "whatever this situation is" business.

i'm weird enough as it is..this whole thing is really bringing out deep down weirdness that i didn't even know existed.

time for chocolate chip cookies.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

she lives!

so i'm no longer dying of some rare undetectable virus. i do know that if my liver ever fails, it'll either be from the alcohol consumption or the constant od-ing on ibprofen when i'm sick. at least i'll know. glad to be feeling better, i hate being sick...i ran out of people to complain to (note to self: find more friends/aquaintances so i can later bitch to them) angelica was so sweet and brought me soup which also helped.

ugh i'm going to be the death of myself. ok maybe my word vomit is...i should've just stopped talking but no i had to keep going. *sigh* oh wells i guess. it was one of those moments where as soon as the words left my mouth (mouth= fingers typing in a text message) and i hit send i KNEW that was a bad idea. *sigh* i was doing so well too. i guess i can play crazy and pretend like i never said it. whatever, moving on.

idk what else to thing of the week coming soon as i get off my lazy bum.

*here's to having a better rest of the day..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

awkward is as awkward does.

think the title is pretty self explanatory.

i've finally grown out of my 12-13 year ugly duckling stage...unfortunately my awkwardness is still here..lord have mercy am i one awkward person. this whole "i'm into you but not sure how into me you are but i want to hang out with you anyway but i don't know how to approach you without sounding like a crazy lady because i don't know how you feel" thing is not what's up.

maybe it's all the drugs i'm on because of my cold...most likely not, but i can pretend right?

i think what i'm gonna do from now on is when i meet a guy give him a business card that says "just a quick heads up i'm super awkward so if i handle situations in a weird way that's why. i'm not a crazy lady, i just haven't developed the necessary social skills to be a functioning adult"

lord help me
i should probably stop talking about myself...i really do love myself i swear..i just have these moments

ps everytime i sneeze a layer of my throat comes off, a piece of brain becomes detached AND my eardrums explode...yes i am dying from a cold. rare i know


Monday, April 12, 2010

mercy mercy me!

whew lordy.

once again thank goodness for friends!!! bree and angelica both had to talk me down from the crazy lady/neurotic thoughts level i was on today as a result of this weekend. yes i am still a little concerned and yes my mind is still going a mile a minute at times, but i'm not as "wowuwah aaahh" as i was earlier. (that's my interpretation of crazy lady speech lol)

in other news..tuesday should be interesting being in class with newboy after what happened this weekend. here's to hoping my worst fears won't come true.

we shall see we shall see.

btw i wish i had taken a picture of the outfit i wore on our date, not to toot my horn but i looked pretty good..his compliment on it was the icing on the cake.

sidenote: i've had this song stuck in my head ALL day. oh robin thicke...mmh mm! this man is soo so sexy...especially when he talks..and when he sings of course. he and paula patton are SO adorable together. his song sex therapy gets me everytime.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


sometimes things happen not according to whatever plan you constructed in your head. these said things you can't take back. unfortunately life doesn't have a rewind/undo button. unfortunately you have to suck it up and deal with it. choices were made.

(and no you can't pretend like people don't exist)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

oh boy...

went on date with new boy last night

had fun

got drunk...billigerent drunk

acted a fool

still had fun.


this time i'm for real about not drinking anymore..for real for real.

ok not really, but i promise i'll be on my bestest behavior from now on.

Friday, April 9, 2010

heartbreak warfare

dear john mayer,

why must you be a racist douchebag? i really liked your latest album. heartbreak warfare was my favorite song. but no then you had to go say that shit in your playboy interview. broke my heart..especially considering how long i boycotted you after you won best new artist grammy instead of craig david! i eventually let go of my pride and became a fan. then you betrayed me. after the interview i stopped listening to your music out of protest, but then on the car ride home for spring break your heartbreak warfare song came on and i realized how much i missed your music. but now i'm torn: if i went back to listening to you (secretly of course) does that make me a bad person or should i still not listen to you? it's really hard. it's like when i felt bad for still liking chris brown's song forever after the whole rihanna thing. but anywho guess i'll figure it out. but someone definitely needs to knock you down 3 or 4 kinda fell in the deep end awhile back.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


bursting at the seams right now!!

new boy may or may not have asked me to be his date to a friend's art show friday night...

ok he did!!!!!!!!

i'm kind of freaking out right now, because it came out of nowhere and he was so sweet about it and i really like him and think he's yea. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SB 2010 San Diego

meant to post this awhile drained after uploading all these pictures. here they are: san diego & the bay, a naval base and etc. fyi there's a lot of pictures...a lot alot. i'm THAT tourist. also i literally risked life and limb to stick my foot in the pacific ocean. i had to crawl down these huge boulders that made up the base of the dock and marina park. i was bound and DETERMINED to stick my foot in that water. so yea tis all.