Tuesday, September 28, 2010

here we go again

apparently i like getting myself into trouble in the feelings department.

fucking shit fuck fuck

Monday, September 27, 2010

lazzzzy ass

what did i do today?

slept on and off til about 3-3:30..didn't up and showered til about 5 to go get food. yes that was the only time i left the house.

other than that just sat in bed watching tv and internet hopping. mostly i acted like i don't have a critique for my art class to prepare for, don't have french to study for and readings for harlem renaissance which i skipped on friday to take a personal day....yes i got a major f in productivity today...but it felt nice not doing anything

also i may or may not have thought about how nice it was to cuddle with him...BUT NOT IN A ROMANTIC I MISS HIM SORT OF WAY...just in a i wanna cuddle sort of way...idk whatever

i really need a haircut...badly.

and i want that ring!! i'm thinking that if i can save the $ for it, i might make it a graduation present to myself...BUT if i somehow get the $ before i graduate i'm so getting it. it's so pretty!! speaking of materialism, last night i discovered that columbia photo currently not only has holga cameras in sale, and color holga cameras for that matter, but (drum roll please) THEY THEM IN VIOLET!! i'm definitely definitely getting that camera..and for $40?! hell yes! i know i really need to stop adding things to my "things to get with my paycheck" list..good news is i got my new social security card in the mail today so no more excuses, i HAVE to apply this week.

wish i had something more profound and meaningful to say, but i don't..that's cool

Sunday, September 26, 2010

bitchfest 2010 part 1 of an unending series

school is dumb
guys are lame
i hate admitting to having feelings for people (NOT p btw...i can truthfully say, while swearing on a harry potter book that i am over him)
i'm tired of being single
still don't understand why and how people think rape jokes are funny. they're not. they never will be and never have been. i don't care if tina fey writes the joke..rape isn't funny.

i want this ring the way lindsay lohan wants crack (yea i went there)

isn't simply gorgeous?! it kills me that it's $700...BUT good thing is it's #1 on my "things i'm gonna buy with my first paycheck" list(still working on that whole priorities thing). even though i have yet to apply to said any job. i loves it and has to have it. even though it's an engagement ring, i needs it. now i'm not craycray, it'd totally wear it on my middle finger.

the snl premiere tonight was sooo good!!! they brought everybody back and amy poehler was a great host

time for bed

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

how about a quickie?

been avoiding blogging for the past few weeks...
mainly because angelica's mom passed away about 3 1/2 weeks ago and i wasn't sure if i wanted to talk about it on here or if i even should. even as i write this i keep deleting and rewriting...not sure exactly what to say...out of respect to angelica and her mom i won't go into any details...my heart still goes out to her...

school has been stressful as fuck. french is killing me...took the first quiz last week..i'll just say that i didn't fail, but i didn't exactly get a C...lol. i know i should care more...buuut....yea. getting through modern art without stabbing myself in the neck is getting harder and harder. on the upside i am LOVING my harlem renaissance class, i have to give my professor props, she's doing a great job...i was skeptical at first since she's white, but she's definitely on top of her game. almost done with my first 3D art project...it turned out soo good considering it was the project from hell and the number one stresser...on my second trip to michaels on saturday i ran over a turtle....was totally traumatized. as soon as i'm completely done i'll post pictures.

new celebrity crush: donald glover
he plays troy on community, used to write for 30 rock (!!!!!!), and a part of derrick comedy. ALSO he's a rapper and goes by the stage name childish gambino. he's pretty awesome. i have to admit, it took a little while for community to grow on me, but as a whole the show is pretty clever and really funny. anyways he's pretty cool..love his music and i've always liked derrick comedy.

guess that's all for now..