Thursday, March 25, 2010

cool thing of the week

cool thing of the week: the obama text alert

i found this via being nosy on facebook

*press play*

isn't it awesome?! i pretty much flipped my shit when i heard it..then had my sister text me so i could see what it sounded like...SUPER AWESOME!!!

then of course she texted me again an hour later and it scared the bajeebies out of me, because my room was so quiet. we'll see how long it takes for me to get tired of it lol.

sidenote: it's not sad that i basically have my whole wedding planned is it? all i need is a groom i guess

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i don't even know

i want to make it known that last night i honestly had every intention of going to my american art & culture class today i really did.

then i woke up when my alarm went off at 11..went back to sleep.

reluctantly got up when i woke up the second time and i saw that it was after 1.

i decided that i would skip class to work on my rococo paper.

5 minutes ago i realized today may be one of those lay in bed all day days....especially considering the rough night i had..

too bad i don't have the food network..

at least the weather's not that great outside so it's not like i'm missing anything...and i do need to finish jean toomer's "cane" because lord knows when i checked it out..

*le sigh*

side note: got a bloody nose when i woke up and it dripped on my white & purple big fat greek wedding was right, windex does get rid of everything. (i'm going to real wash them of course...windex and some bleach scrub are the only cleaning products i have besides soap, water and a sponge...yes i fail in the cleaning products department i'd like to blame it on the fact that i live in a dorm at a school that provides a cleaning service))

guess i'll just read in bed and browse itunes radio.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

pretty pretty springtime

in honor of spring i wore a dress today...i felt so cute...the warm, spring weather may have helped too.

dress: XX1
tights: target
shoes: urban outfitters
sweater: some dept store..
i've had it for years

soo i got these pens sometime last week...seemed like a good idea at the time: making my notes colorful to keep me awake in class and not look so boring

but what ended up happening was this:

my doodles now come in pretty colors!! these are my notes from my renaissance artists sad

in other news, had a fun time talking with new boy today...he laughed at my jokes again...and mentioned my doodles. sitting next to him was torture! ..stupid crush.

i wish i didn't have to wait to know whether or not he's interested or actually VERBALLY let on that i'm into him...too bad i can't just spray a tree or something like animals...that would make things so so much easier. idk we shall see..he's just so cute!!

ok i'm done for real. 7day countdown until san diego. can't freakin wait.

i really REALLY shouldn't have..

sooo as i mentioned before there may or may not be a new boy in the picture..and i may or may not have a crush on him. anyways, we're facebook friends now (whoa there girl, don't move too quickly now!) and i may or may not have "researched" his ex-gf (i know i know) chick is CRAZY!! that's all i have to say. but anyways, this whole thing with him is so weird, because i feel like i'm 13 years again..doing the whole thinking about him and wanting to hang out and blah blah...i haven't had these giddy feelings since ex-lovah so it's throwing me off...ALOT. but it's ok i guess..he's pretty cute, and he makes me laugh..which i've always liked in a guy.

but in other news i need to chuck the dueces and bounce out of columbia quick fast and in a hurry. i'm so so tired of this town. i need an escape oh so badly
these pictures didn't help either

Align Center

sidenote: i'm debating on whether i want to eat the honeybun i got for breakfast now or wait til the morning...decisions decisions.

Monday, March 22, 2010

going to sleep for real now


what happens when i try to go to sleep when my body is actually tired instead of waiting until 3-4am? my body wakes up anyways when it decides it's done sleeping for now. at least i wake up to lovely text messages.

anyways, being the weirdo that i am i sometimes view life in the eyes of a film director; making up scenarios and dialogue between people, picking out songs for certain scenes, etc etc. did the same thing tonight when i woke up singing feist's version of nina simone's "sealion woman".

i have officially decided that if i ever make a movie based on my life the opening scene would be me getting ready to out with that song playing. i pictured myself in an awesome deep purple sequin dress and heels travelling through nyc to my art show opening at some hip gallery in brooklyn or harlem. i don't think i'd play myself, but i love the idea of making movies...secretly i've always wanted to make one.

guess i'll try to go back to sleep now...

geez i love this song...and of course it's even better live!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

and i'm proud to be an american..sort of

umm can you say fuck yes?!

..well except for the whole house still needing to vote on the bill AND anti-choice democrats requesting that obama sign an executive order ending providing federal funding for abortions. they can all blow me


at least it passed in the senate, i'm grateful for that.

fingers crossed it passes in the house

rockin natural hair for 2 years

soo i have officially been au naturale for 2 years (go me!) and i couldn't be happier. i love LOVE my hair in it's natural state. it's so much healthier...and much more versatile. i'm so proud to be natural.

here's a few pics depicting my interesting and entertaining journey:

i decided to go natural in february 2008,
started cutting it off in random
places and doing permrod rollersets

lord have mercy this was the worst
in between hair stage ever lol

full on natural, fro stage
late may-early june 08

blown-out fro

new year's 2010

school days

adding the school of art institute of chicago to my grad school list, even though bard college is where i really really want to go. saic has some graduate programs based in contemporary art, however i had to read through them a couple times, because they all sounded exactly alike, but with different names.

this whole process reminds me of when i was a junior in high school preparing for the college application process. even though i really wanted to go to washu, mizzou was THE only place i applied to..and i applied early too. i hear all the time that it's not a good idea to only apply to one school, but when i get an idea in my head you can't tell me nothing! i knew i was going to mizzou, there was no question in my mind...thank goodness they let me in, because i had NO back ups.

...i have a really really bad habit of pulling my hair out when it gets to be longer than an inch..i know i shouldn't but for some reason i can't help it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring is here!

well at least it was all week....friday it was 63 degrees out!! since it was so nice, i met up with my chiildhood friend acacia and baby jarrell on the quad for a picnic and catch up session..

he's such a happy baby, he kept laughing
and kicking his cute

then i woke up on saturday to this:

snowy and mushy and gross the middle of march!!! i could understand it if this has been happening all month, but it hasn' you missouri.

at least i had an interesting night..went to international night saturday night (international night is when some of the international clubs and organizations on campus put on a show celebrating their cultures with song and's pretty awesome) anyways, i met angelica and jane there, but i got there before they did so i was sitting by myself when this guy from a couple of my classes came in and sat next to me. well everyone flipped their shit because of it. then after the show he invited me to a party, but i ended up not going, because of the weather. well this did not sit well with everyone..they thought i had missed out on some huge was interesting. i would've been more open to going if the weather wasn't so crappy..idk i wasn't thinking too deep into the situation, because he didn't ask for my phone # or anything. but if he ever comes out directly and asks me to hang out i'd be up for it...he's pretty cute and i like talking to him..
this whole situation is new to me, because this is as far as i've gotten with a white guy..i wish i could say whether or not this guy is my type, but he's my first white guy interest i'm into you are you into me kind of thing. i mean i've been attracted to white guys before but none of them has ever showed ANY kind of interest back..until now. so we'll see where this goes if it goes anywhere.

but anyways back to friday, here's what my attempt at the bohemian look (or something along those lines) in honor of the weather:

feather tank: nordstroms
leggings: target
sweater: urban outfitters
ballet shoes: gordmans?

my "ballet" flats..they've been through
so much with me

and of course a picture of my hair, because
i'm vain like that sometimes

currently trying to get out of bed and go study, but my warm comfy bed, the weather outside and real housewives of new jersey on tv are keeping me from being a good student....but what else is new?

Friday, March 19, 2010

plans for the future take #973

so i have officially decided that next fall (if i get accepted) i will be attending bard college as a master's student (candidate? idk what they're called) in the 2 year curatorial studies graduate program.

i have FINALLY decided what i want to do. praying that i don't change my mind.

i honestly don't think i's exactly EXACTLY spot on with my career choice.

i'm much as i've bitched about grad school i realized it's the art history aspect that i'm not really feeling. but this program at bard is based on curatorial studies within contemporary art:

"The graduate program at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College provides practical training and experience in a museum setting and an intensive course of study in the history of the contemporary visual arts, the institutions and practices of exhibition making, and the theory and criticism of the visual arts in the modern period. The program is broadly interdisciplinary.

Its faculty includes curators and other museum professionals, scholars in the humanities and social sciences, artists, and critics.

The curriculum is specifically designed to deepen students understanding of the intellectual and practical tasks of curating exhibitions of contemporary art, particularly in the complex social and cultural situations of present-day urban arts institutions, and to help students improve their interpretive and critical writing.

The Center initiated its graduate program in curatorial studies in the fall of 1994. More than a hundred curators, critics, scholars, artists, and other arts professionals have taught seminars or lectured in practicums and courses since the program began."

i'm keeping my plans quiet for awhile, because bard is located in annandale-on-hudson, ny (i know weird name huh?) anyways i'm keeping the deets to myself since i recently found out that it's about 2 hours from nyc and i don't want people thinking i'm only going b.c ex-lovah is in nyc. this is completely not the case. i really REALLY like the program. idk we'll see..i still have some time to prepare and all the jazz...


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010


so ever since ex-lovah and i became friends years back, i've always been kinda freaked out over his perfect timing when it comes to calls/texts..for instance during the summer we got really close we would IM each other everyday. then one day he asked me for my number. the first time he called me, i had just gotten off work, was walking to the car and just so happened to take my phone out of my purse and there's his name on my caller's been like that ever since. so f-ing weird!!

ok so that long ass, pointless story was a setup for what happened earlier today. ex lovah and i don't talk on the phone very much. 90% of our communication is texting/fb/emails. as a result there are times where i forget what his voice sounds like (i know that sounds super weird...even weirder when i write it out) so today i was falling asleep about to nap and that thought crossed my mind. I tried to play back our last phone dice.
i'm not sure how long it was until after i fell asleep that i heard my phone ring (mj's pyt..i have to get tired of it lol) i thought i was dreaming at first when i saw it was him. we didn't talk for long, which was fine with me, he just needed me to look up something for him...

i'll admit it was nice hearing his voice...

image via weheartit

Friday, March 12, 2010

cool thing of the week

almost forgot

so cool thing of the week this week

*insert drumroll*

Ricky Gervais and his wonderful brilliant hilarious amazing podcast

this man is a comedic genius! he's the main reason i even attempt to watch the original office series....i just haven't quite gotten used to british humor...or i've gotten too used to our american version. regardless he's so freaking funny and i love love his podcast.

in other news:

trying to avoid talking ex lovah's ear off...i really really want to talk to him. BUT i'm going to be good.

maybe i'll start on my capstone paper..which is what i was supposed to be doing in the first place.

this song makes my heart go pitter patter (actually every song of theirs...their's makes my heart go pitter patter) this is one of my favorites..and it's live?! and acoustic?!! oh ben i loves you..and your adorable wife zooey....but i digress

death by art history

TGIF! lord have mercy. i really can't celebrate too much considering how much shizz i have to do in order to prepare for midterms and all that jazz.

i kinda felt bad today, because i'm in this arts of the rococo class every friday from 2-4pm (i know i know the time is crazy, but i like the professor) and we have readings every week except for the weeks when class is cancelled. for this week we had to read this book:

i tried to read it i really did...ok i didn't try that hard..i started the introduction, but never finished. one thing that annoys me about reading books for school is the length of the introduction in some books....SO many people make their introductions as long as the chapters in their books...WHY?! it's so aggrevating. the introduction should make me WANT to read the rest of the book (besides of course being forced to read it for class) it shouldn't make me want to throw it across the room. but then in class my professor admitted that it was hard to read so i stopped feeling bad. as much as i like him, i'm scared to death of him. he's a really nice guy and an excellent teacher but he really intimidates me for some reason.
anyways, since i'm taking 3 classes with grad students the topic of the work grad students do always comes up. the thought of what grad school entails makes me shudder. especially today in my rococo class, because my professor asked a semi-difficult question about a piece of sculpture we were discussing; and after about 15 seconds of silence, he commented by saying answering these kind of questions are a part of grad school work and research and writing and blah blah. i just stared at him....
via google search: freaking out
i will gladly pass thank you.
antyways, so last night (usually when i say "last night" it really means 2-3-4 in the morning) i was trying to go to sleep and remembered that for some reason i can't be the first person to fall asleep when it's me +1. then i remembered how ex-lovah was always sweet enough to wait until i fell asleep until he went to sleep since i'm weird...i always loved that.

he was a sneaky fella

go to sleep already

yes it's approximately 2:30am and i'm wide awake...i know i should either go to sleep or study..buuut not really feeling it. why would i study when i there are wonderful and awesome blogs to discover?

i may or may not be eating
a submarine sandwich and chips
at the bed..

ok so i got this in my mailbox today,
and the paranoid person i am immediately
assumed it was a letter from the
university telling me they discovered
all the music i may have acquired illegally and
are taking legal action against me.
one thing i've noticed about me is that
when i'm in situations like this all common
sense goes out the window. i should've known
it wasn't serious, i would've gotten an
official letter on official letterhead
signed by some head muckety muck.
(not saying i know this from experience
turned out to be a letter from the
admissions office asking me to be
a host for a high school senior.
*insert sigh of relief*
random thought: i think i could make it in new york...i'd have to save up $ like crazy before moving there...and i'd also have to find a job first too. i wish i could be like those people who can pack up and move to another city on a whim..i'm too (whatever the word is for people who need to be on a schedule and has to have everything planned out). i really am...even when making plans with friends. "sure we can meet about 6ish" nope not good enough lol is 6ish closer to 6? 615ish? more like 630?? it's bad...which is why i keep freaking out about the future, because i've always had a plan and now everything after graduation has been thrown out the window....i'll survive i'm sure. i just can't stay in kc for very long.
(i am craving cupcakes like crazy!)
guess i'll go to bed now...

ps 30 rock was hilarious (as usual) tonight..tina fey never ever disappoints

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"sculpture and enlightenment"

(that has nothing to do with anything really, it's the title of a book i'm supposed to be reading for my arts in the rococo class, but clearly i'm not...but i did start it!)

anyways. had my first midterm today, in my artists of the renaissance was pretty easy, my professor had given us the exact questions about a month ago so basically all i had to do was memorize the answers.
i feel so bad, because i love my greek sculpture class, i'm learning a lot and i really enjoy my professor, but for some reason i can not stay awake for the life of me! I always always end up nodding off...i bet it has something to do with the fact that it's 1:15mins long (11-12:15pm), in the same room as my first class of the day which also happens to be 1:15mins long (9:30-10:45am)...i know i'm not a very bright kid for that one. *sigh* or maybe i just need to keep on working on my sleep schedule...if i was telling my mother about this dilemma i'm sure she'd go with door #3.

have i mentioned how i can't wait for san diego?? well i can't. 2 more weeks...that's all i have left.

i had planned on studying tonight, but i just remembered the office and 30 rock comes on tonight...soooo i think i'm just gonna take it easy. i am pretty tired.

i thought i had more to say, guess not...

my brain has checked out

i just spent 6 1/2 hours studying for the 3 midterms i have, one of which is tomorrow morning. yes my head is killing me, yes i'm tired as hell, yes i will still have to study for hours on thursday, friday saturday AND sunday, but it feels good to know that if i put my mind to it i have the determination to get shit done and focus.

yea this was a small "go me" post

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

happy is as happy does

so i've been single for about
2 years now...and let me say
it has been an interesting ride.
i've had a few gentleman callers along
the way..been on a date (i wish i could say
"or two" but i seriously i've only been on 1
date in 2 years)
and lord knows my ex and i have gone
through it trying to figure out our feelings.
which in turn has had a crazy effect on me and
my emotions


it feels good to finally be happy and embraceful
(idk if that's a word or not) of my singledom.
i have one good guy friend, a male aquaintance
who i see occasionally..and that's it.
i'm "prospect" free and for some reason i'm loving it!
and i must say it's nice to be on a strictly platonic
friendly not talking about our feelings level
with ex lovah.

i like our chemistry..we were chatting
tonight and i wanted to rant to him
like i did to bree because i knew he
would make me feel better.
somehow we didn't make it there
and yet i was in a good mood
at the end of the conversation,

i messaged him a few days ago during one of
my many freakouts over my unknown
plans for the are his lovely
insightful words of wisdom:
"go to new york or san diego.
go to grad school.
smoke some green.
there ya go."

i couldn't help but laugh. i hate to admit it
but that did calm me down a bit lol.

anyways, long story short i'm pretty happy
i have no idea what i want to do
with my life as of yet, but
that's ok.
one day at a time, that's all i can do

(here's a picture of happy's one of my faves)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

one of those days.

today was rough. i'm in no way bitter about being single(at least not anymore) but i'm currently in "hearing people talk about their relationships" overload.
major overload.
i've called brianna idk how many times bitching about being annoyed...i'm so thankful
she hasn't gotten sick of me yet lol
i just can't wait for spring break, going to san diego!! i've never been to the beach before
i've been to the "beaches" of the great lakes, but not a real beach. i'm so excited!!
thank goodness for best friends and the office* lifting my spirits and calming me down
*especially the episodes where they're debating whether hilary swank is hot or not, and
dwight's fire drill lol.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

freak out of the century...again

so for the past 4 hours i've been having a
serious quarter life crisis. this december i'll be graduating
with a bachelor's degree in art history...and i have NO idea
what i'm going to do with it.

absolutely no idea.
at the current moment i'm thinking
african american art...but we'll see
if that changes by oh say wednesday?
because it probably will.


i just need for someone to tell
me what to do with my life..
things would be so so much easier.
who knew 4 years could fly by so fast?


geez louise

Friday, March 5, 2010

ode to ginger

i seriously fail at life...i'm tired as hell and here i am on here and watching family matters...oh well. anyways i guess this post is dedicated to my favorite puppydog (ok she's really not a puppy anymore, but she'll always be my baby) Ginger who i miss like crazy..which is an everyday thing. Who would've thunk the Cooper family would be a dog family.

her like a usually takes
about a minute before she starts whining

pretty sure this is my all time favorite
picture of may or may not
be the caller id picture
on my phone for when home calls me

gingy is so funny, because we can get her all riled up and start barking and growling at outside even it there's nothing out there. she also sings sometimes.

sometime last year i came home for a weekend after being gone for a long time, my friend pulled up in front of my house and my dad was sitting on our front porch talking to a neighbor with ginger at his feet. i called ginger's name and she sat up and looked at me, it was so cute because it took a good 10 seconds to register that it was me then she ran to the car..i seriously almost cried. she's such a smart dog. my dad trained her really well (thanks in due part to cesar milan the dog whisperer) but she understands what a treat is and she automatically sits as soon as we open the basement door to get her treats. it's so hard to leave the house, because she really does do that puppydog "why are you leaving me look"...i have to remind everyone not to turn around and look at her before they walk out the's heartbreaking lol.

she also loves to cuddle with my sister and i when we come home from school..i love it, she's such a sweet dog.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

happy 100th post!...on the 101st post?

somehow i missed my 100th post..
and of course it's about me
being dramatic and crying.
but anyways yay for 100 posts! 101 i guess.

leaky faucet

laying in bed listening to
bright eyes..crying during every song

what's wrong with me, geez
i'm not even sad..i'm such a weird kid

this song started it:

i'll admit it does have a special meaning to me, but
i can genuinely say i cried because of the lyrics's a beautiful song

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

did that just happen?!

definitely just had a conversation with ex-lovah about his dating woes and finding the right girl and all that jazz...SERIOUSLY!! i'm still shocked. i wish i had someone to give me a round of applause when i do tonight. trust. just a few weeks ago i would not have been able to have that conversation without wanting to throw up....or throw my phone across the room. I'm thinking it has something to do with my change of emotion towards our whole ordeal or whatever blah blah. it was a nice conversation between was actually pretty funny. idk it was cool. glad i could finally get to this point after 50 years. nice.

(good thing he doesn't read my blog...i doubt he'd appreciate me putting his business out there like that)

Him: Hey

Me: Hey there, whats up?

Him: Nothin just a stupid day. Can't wait till it's over. For the record i totally hate people. People suck.

Me: Aww lol :( ...but yea ppl do suck...whats going on?

Him: Just the fact that i'm alone in this city. I have no real close friends except you and dave. And as for the dating scene: it's pathetic. Every girl I meet is like mentally fucked up.

Me: :(( thats sad!! (but i have to admit i laughed at "mentally fucked up" lol they all can't be bad)

Me: Maybe you're just meeting the wrong ones for you

Him: LMAO they are syd they are. I love new york, but i hate new york because of it. It sucks.

Him: Yeah i def am.

Me; The story of the tragic writer living in the concrete jungle looking for love...flimed in black & white. No music. I like it..…just copyrighted it lol. It’ll be ok!! The best things come when you least expect them…or do what I do and pretend like you’re not looking lol

Him: LMAO dang it! I already love that film! Yeah, i guess that's what i'm gonna have to do. Oh well, this too shall pass.

Me: I try lol. Yea it will..just takes some time. Do you hang out with frat brothers that live in nyc?

Him: I don't want to. I just wanna find someone that's right for me:(

Me: :(( i knooow, me too! But The right person is worth the wait...

Him: No she's not! I completely despise her for not showing up sooner. Lol

Me: You are not helping my "feel better oprah moment" right now lol. Paul i'm telling you she'll show up when you least expect it..

Him: Lol silly. Fine syd, i'll take your advice. ...For now lol

Me: Lol! I'll just be expecting a dear abby letter next week lol. But i do understand where you're coming it took me forever to get to the point where I was perfectly ok with waiting nd not settling b.c I deserve the best

Him: Lol yeah that's true. you do, btw, deserve the best. Thanks syd. Miss you lots.

Me: And you do too!! Dont you ever forget it! :) miss you too...i'm glad we can talk like this

Him: Lol me too me too. Aight i'm off to bed. Night night:)

Me: Night!