Friday, January 29, 2010


2 weeks done.
this semester is going to be the death of me.

(image via

*now i know to search "cartoon dead fish" instead

of just "dead fish"...otherwise a lot of

gross images come up..

la la la love

i may have mentioned this before, but i secretly
get excited about the thought of finding love again...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"then i'll be at erection cove"

i love 30 rock i really do....probably more then i should, but whatevs.
studying and school is so overrated..(ok not really, but i'm
currently in that anti school mindset again...mainly, because i'm
tired as all get out, and instead of being in bed i'm here at the
library pretending to study...but at least i'm in good company.
chatoyya and angelica are here too.)

idk why, but i've gotten into the weird habit of listening to
robin thicke's song "sex therapy" every morning (actually
about 3 times in a row, because it takes that long to walk
to my first class)...i guess i think it's weird for me to listen to
the song in the morning since it's so sexual...idk..i'm weird.

sooo instead of studying, i'm sitting here listening to
songs on youtube i have no business listening to...
this one in particular:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

d.c. my love

one of my life goals is to live in d.c. i've wanted to move there ever since i visited le ex lovah during my spring break almost 2 years ago (i can't believe it's been that long since we've seen each other in person...kind of weird) but yea i looooved the city...there was something about it. he went to georgetown so the area around the school was so nice and there were the cutest little houses and apartments that were painted different colors. one day we went to really freaked me out, because right behind (ok not directly behind, but pretty close) georgetown is the potamic river and the washington bridge (i think that's the name) so we walked from georgetown over the potamic into was so much fun.
anyways here's part of my trip in pictures...i took out the couply ones, because no one wants to see those

we made a special trek across our nation's capitol
just so I could see stephen colbert's portrait
(i was so happy certain people were willing
to that for me)

yes i took a picture of this...i must say that i do not appreciate
the fact that the genius who designed the building
made both entrances look EXACTLY alike...which
causes people to go in one side and leave out of what they
think is the same entrance which they don't realize
is a completely different exit until they've walked almost
an hour in the wrong direction....just saying.

the washington monument (of course)

the library

the museum was having a special hip hop exhibit
and this guard was standing outside of it...he was HOT!!
of course i didn't tell certain people about this, didn't think
he would appreciate it lol.

part of georgetown's campus...i fell IN love
with it, it is such the stereotypical
east coast ivy league campus

the healy building i believe

healy building part 2

walking down embassy row

certain people were getting kind of annoyed with
me, because i kept stopping to take pictures
of all the embassies(?) was kind of funny

i seriously have a whole facebook photo album
of just embassy row pictures...i'm that kind
of tourist

still embassy row

the smithsonian castle

the capitol building..we didn't get a chance
to go see the white house which i didn't mind...
didn't get a large amount of touristy time, since certain people
still had school, but i did get to see a lot was still
a pretty fun trip

the national archives building

embassy row again..yea these are super
out of order

was really surprised to find out dc has a chinatown

so in conclusion, dc is my pains me to watch real world dc (figuratively of course)
but anyways, one day i'll be there. until then i'll just keep daydreaming and skimming
apartments for rent on craigslist. (i wish i could say i'm joking about that)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


peeled grapefruit and away we go at 1am...i love it.

i love the smell of grapefruit...the citrusy-sweet scent of it. mmm..
and how john krasinski makes my heart go pitter patter..he was kind of a jerk in brief interviews with hideous men, but it was really hard not liking him, because 1. he did an AMAZING job directing and 2. his serious acting really took me by surprise

this has been an interesting week...i successfully survived my classes...this is going to be one intense semester that's for sure. i'm scared of my greek sculpture class...there's about 15 of us..i'm one of 2 that isn't a capstone student and i think 3 are grad students...2 of my classes has grad school students in it..fml. anyways, since my schedule is so crazy and i ended up with huge blocks of spare time during the day, i'm considering picking up another volunteering gig. we'll see..

this weekend was a lot of fun...friday night chatoyya, janine, angelica, chiffontae, ryan and i all went out for drinks. we had a really good time...i already have fun going out with chatoyya and angelica, but janine and chiffontae as additions make it even more fun. of course i was drunk..that was my plan after dealing with the stress of this week i needed some libations. then saturday morning we all sans angelica went to breakfast which was really nice...idk..i felt like a real grown up. "going out to have drinks and to eat"..maybe it's just me being weird again..

so i'm still back and forth about this whole art history thing...a part of doesn't want to go to grad school but then when i'm in class i'm all gung ho about it...and i still want to do museum work, but i can't do anything besides work the gift shop register/cafe/guest desk without a master's degree..once again catch 22...i'm starting to find that life is full of catch 22's

i decided to take a sewing 101 class at the craft studio...i want to make one of those slingback purses
(see picture..thanks

and a totebag and a cloth cover for my secrets journal*

(ok i just got the idea today, but i'm going to get a journal that i'm going to record my secrets sounded like a better idea in my head)

anyways, i'm really excited for the class, becuase i've never really sewn before besides when i hand sewed my can totally tell's kind of funny.

but yea, i like's fun..i brought a glass jar from home to paint to become my pencil cup even though i never use one.

i'm back in that weird i really really want to kiss thing again...and it's not i want to suck someone, anyone's face, it's more of i want to lay in bed with someone i care about and just kiss for hours...and i'm not talking about anyone in particular, because i don't have that kind of person right now..which sucks, because of my situation, but if i did that's what i'd do..but i digress..

..hmm guess that's all for now..

Friday, January 15, 2010

kiss kiss bang bang

so i've been single for quite some time and as a result i get these itchings (figural of course) to kiss someone. i love kissing...idk why i think this, but to me kissing is such an intimate act..and since i've been single i've been searching for that knee-buckling, pochantas wind swirling, passionate kind of kiss like i used to get with ex-lovah. even up to the end of our relationship i always felt some kind of oompf or spark when i kissed him. it was great. i'll never forget my first kiss (13 and braces sum that up), my first love (which was wasted on a later to be discovered jerkoff who held his camera in a sock because he lost his case) and my first in-love experience (ex-lovah). he was my second love, but first relationship and in-love-ness. to this day i still remember our first kiss. it was so sweet and romantic comedy-esque.

now since the end of our relationship, i've hooked up with different people, but when hooking up takes place kissing gets kicked to the curb...which as much as i complain about not kissing in awhile, i kind of like it that way, because i'm weird and kissing is so special to me for whatever reason.

and my harlet makeout session last weekend was cool....i genuinely liked the guy and he was a good kisser, but that's all it was..random kissing fest...there was no zsa zsa zsu (as carrie bradshaw calls it), but then again i was under the i'm back to square one. guess it's just the price i'll have to pay during my relationship quest (that sounds sooo bad...and desperate which is not a good look..but it's just cheesey enought i might keep it)

but i want to end on a good note and say this break has been AMAZING! spent good quality time with my family, which as much as they work my nerves sometimes, i'm always grateful for. had memorable times with brianna who i love like a sister. and got tons and TONS of rest which is good considering how tough this semester is going to be.

also i love michael buble.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"god can be funny"

things that are NOT funny:
  • when i'm heading out the door to class and i turn my ipod on just to find out it's completely out of juice
  • my mom thinking that it's ok to randomly and light heartedly bring up the fact that she was this close to divorcing my dad 5 years ago when i never had an inkling that their problems were THAT bad (don't get me wrong, i'm happy they worked things out but i really don't want to hear that shizz)
  • people using the words gay and ghetto to describe something bad
  • a person having a heart condition where the best treatment is exercise which said person never does
  • guys who get upset when a girl turns down a dance at the club
  • heartbreak
  • not having as much candy as you thought you had
  • when people have no regard for your feelings and emotions
  • those super depressing ASPCA (or whatever the acronym is) commercials about abused dogs and cats
  • your university building a second basketball arena when the art and archaeology museum only has enough space to display %14 of its collection (yea i'm still bitter after 4 years)
  • rape and incest jokes
  • gary coleman doing debt relief commercials (that's just sad lol)
  • your 9 yr old brother beating you at wii golf, tennis, bowling and baseball
things that are funny:
  • ginger barking and growling when there's nothing outside
  • watching the bloopers on the office even though i've watched them a gazillion times
  • inside jokes with my sister
  • being a freshman in college, first week of classes, sitting in a lecture hall, receiving a syllabus then finding out you're in a 3000 level engineering class (yes that happened to me)
  • my sister and i secretly making fun of my parents
  • opening christmas presents at 6am and it's so early it's not even that light outside which makes the home video very dark..(it wasn't funny at the time, but my family laughs about it now and still gives my little brother a hard this day i still don't understand why my parents just didn't tell him to wait)
  • my starting wii fit age being 74 (go me!)
  • being so happy at the end of a movie i cry
  • telling people my mom made me read steve harvey's book think like a man, act like a woman (but for the record, i never finished it)
  • telling God what i want
  • watching the twilight series with angelica (i can always count on her to talk during the movies with me)
  • playing with my little brother
i've been in a "mental listy" mood today and i thought this would be fun....well except for some of the not funny things...i tried to think of things that really were funny or sad that shouldn't be funny, but i couldn't think of that many so the list ended up being kind of a debby downer list which is why i ended on a happy case anyone was wondering...which i'm sure you were.

sidenote: i love typing while not looking at the keyboard and seeing the correctly spelled words come up on the's the little things in life that make us happy...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

comments, FAME, and the like

(trying something new)

so when i started this blog it was just an outlet for me to express my thoughts since i'm horrible at keeping a journal. antyways, even though i never expected anyone to read it, deep down inside i hope that it turns out to be one of those blogs with a gazillion followers and blah blah. i know that won't happen since all i post are my rambles and nothing spectacular, i always get really excited when i check my gmail and there's a notice telling me i have a comment. that being said, i never know if i should respond or not. i wonder if i respond do the commenters know that i responded or if i don't do i look like a jerk who's too good to respond to the few comments she may get? idk...i have a tendency to overthink things. maybe i'll start responding...if i get more.

so my mom requested FAME from (she has that membership thing where you can rent movies online or whatever). she got an email saying it would be in on wednesday...well guess what came in the mail today..yep that's right, FAME!!! i was sooo excited, i had wanted to see this movie when it came out, but never got to it. it was really really good. the directer did an excellent job shooting wise and i was really pleased that they actually used teenagers to play highschool kids. i may or may not have been dancing around the house singing the theme song lol

this semester i'll be completing my capstone and my professor wanted me to start a book by Vasari on renaissance artists for the class ...i've gotten through 1 1/2 artists and school starts next least i know how to keep a pattern. i have to have to do super well this semester...i'm taking all art history classes and i HAVE to get into grad school even though i'm really not looking forward to it, but that's a whole pot of beans....or whatever the phrase is...i may have made it up. oh well. back to watching start trek with mumsie...mmmm zachary quinto lo

Sunday, January 10, 2010

mustang sally!

another oh-mm-jee post
last night was EPIC!!! lol
first off bree drove ALLL the way from warrensburg (about 45mins away from kc) after getting back from omaha to kc to go out with me and we didn't leave my house until after midnight,
after we spent forever looking for a f-ing parking spot i realized
i left my clutch at home. so back to the cooper household we went.
got to the club, couldn't find the guys we were supposed to meet up with. in that time someone's father (ok i really don't know if he was someone's father, he was just definitely
older than my age prefence lol) trying to spit game to me. it was so sad.
so we find the guys, bree's friend buys us drinks and we hit the dance area. a bunch of guys came up to us trying to dance with us...some not even saying anything, just grinding on us.
now i'm not that kind of girl that dances like that. i got that all out of my system during high school...i'm past over it. these dudes were for real getting mad when we told them we don't MAD! i was amazed! it was kind of funny to see them get so up their manhood had been damaged...whatever!
2nd part of the night:
we leave the club when it leaves...this is about 3am. (keep in mind i'm technically supposed to have a curfew of 2am)
we go to bree's friend's cousin's house (i know i know lol). it's super awlward at first, because it's mostly his cousins there. in honor of the birthday boy we take a couple of shots...i had 1/2 shots, because i am a serious serious lightweight. as you can guess i got pretty drunk pretty fast. i ended up playing wii tennis with the birthday boy and then brianna....who i ended up beating while playing with my back to the screen (don't ask me how i managed that lol)
then i may or may not have made out with bree's friend....just to note i swear i'm usually not THAT girl. actually this is only the second time in my whole life i've ever done that.
but i must admit i definitely enjoyed it lol....mostly because i haven't been kissed in so long...and he was a really good kisser...well at least drunk sydney thought so.
so we didn't leave until after 5. stopped on the way home so i could pee...behind a tree in someone's yard. we didn't get inside my house until almost 6am, because i waited until we were a few blocks away to tell bree i was supposed to be home at 2 and she was scared to come inside lol.
overall last night was soo much fun...i couldn't of asked for a better way to end my break..even though i don't go back until sat. but still the night was amazingly fun.
(not really sure how i feel about this format for long stories)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

i love bad made for tv movies

so i'm currently watching this wannabe day after tomorrow movie on the scifi channel (i refuse to say syfy) just add the threat of a terrorist in the mix. anywho it's soooo unbelievably bad. bad 90's cgi, bad acting...but it's one of those bad movies that you can't turn away from..i'm thoroughly enjoying myself though lol
anyways so after the 5th day of my break i've wanted to kill my sister just about everyday (figuratively of course) but she's leaving tomorrow to go back to school and i'm kind of sad..yes we' ve been at each others' throats all break we have had some fun times. i realized i was going to miss her in the car today on the way to dropping her off at work. my mom was being her usual crazy self and dan kept turning and looking at me because of the stuff she was saying. i couldn't help but laugh. we do have our usual blowups and arguments but i'm glad we have such a close helps us keep our sanity while living with our parents.

me and my dan

update on the hair front: finally washed it today. i should be ok as long as i wear a hairband and makeup. but then again i guess if i was that secure with myself i wouldn't worry about whether or not i look like a boy with super short hair but whatever.

earlier today i wanted to go dancing really bad for some reason...still do a little. but alas i can't.

guess that's all....back to this movie lol.

Friday, January 8, 2010

houston we have a problem

oh-mm-jee. yesterday was crazy crazy. my computer got a really weird virus downloaded on it (to it?) i was freaking out (even shed a few tears) because i thought my computer was donzo. but mumsie to the rescue! she fixed it and now it's back to normal..thank goodness! then unfortunately she got edward scissorhands happy while trimming my hair and now i'm back to a twa from having a curly/afro with curls at least 4inches long...she said she was going to "trim" it for me because it was getting kind of crazy looking (which i agree it was getting nestlike) and now i'm left with hair maybe 2 inches long...guess it's my own fault for not paying attention and saying stop.

i'm listening to a podcast called europe and its origins episode 1 (yes i'm a nerd)...i got the idea from my friend chatoyya who listens to ancient history podcasts to help put her to sleep (it really works, one night i slept over and we listened to one on byzantine was pretty interesting..and it did help me go to sleep lol).

i have one more week of break. it's been sooo nice. my parents and brother got 4 snow days this week, because the weather has been so crazy...guess it's making up for the weird bouts of warm weather we got in november and december.

wow this guy's voice is really soothing!! i would love to have him as a professor...this is going to sound really superficial, but a professor's voice plays a large role in my attention span and ability to stay awake in class..

i want my second tattoo sooo bad!! i'm itching for it. i think i need to get my first one touched up...but alas that takes i don't have.

(my lotus flower tattoo on my right wrist...

this was taken right after it was done

so it's not as vibrant presently)

i want to end on a happy/good note. so here's a joke that's totally uncalled for

what's the difference between tiger woods and santa?

santa stops after 3 ho's lol i couldn't resist.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

nye blah blah

well i guess a belated happy new year's is in order...happy new year's. this nye was soooo much fun! went out with one of the besties brianna and her other bf kalisha....definitely a night to remember thanks to a wasted bree lol. we got all gussied up and went to this crazy rachet filled club, but a good time was still had..bree and i always have fun together, we've been friends for about 7 years now (which always freaks me out for some reason whenever i think about it)

i'm doing much much MUCH better than i was when i posted last...i usually have my ups & downs, but i'm doing genuinely well. which is good...i hate moping and being in my fun.

so i got alicia keys' new album the element of freedom with some of my itunes moolah....yea haven't been able to turn it off...i listen to while in the car, doing dishes, sitting in my room, taking a bath...i'm listening to it as i write this's SOOO good! in actuality i really shouldn't be listening to it (at least not as much as i am) because 99.9% of the songs are about love. which is really bad for my health because my mind starts to wander..her first song is called "love is blind"....yea i feel like she wrote that song for me but about a year too late lol. she has another song called distance & time...once again a little late alicia lol, but overall it's definitely her best cd in my opinion...

i currently have $13.29 left of my itunes $ and i'm trying to hold out for corinne bailey rae's new album which comes out later this month. i actually don't think it'll be too hard since there's really no album out there that i absolutely must have. got regina spektor's new album (finally) got my postal service back since i lost it when my other computer died on me, got alicia keys, almost got a fine frenzy's latest stuff, but it didn't blow me away like her other music. so that left me with waiting until CBR drops her music...super excited for that.

so one of the things i like most about being home during break besides sleeping in til noon, being pampered by mumsie, my only responsibility being washing the dishes, hanging out with , getting great internet reception and being able to do absolutely nothing is watching tv shows i can't watch while at school since my remote is dead. bridezillas and platinum weddings are among these. i love watching these shows, because i always ALWAYS ending up thinking in my head "well at my wedding i'm doing/having this and my favors are going to be these and so on and blah blah" then i end up wanting to sit down and plan the whole shebang out..which, as much as i really really want to do, i never do because self conciously feel like a crazy lady since i'm no where near that stage in my life...but it's fun to think about.

i guess it's picture time since i don't have anything else to say...oh these pictures were stolen from bree's facebook page btw..i left my camera cord at school...yea i'm smart i know.

bree and i...yea i didn't realize my boobs

were spilling over my dress that much until

after i got to the club...womp womp

having my usual sippy sip that gets

me up and dancing (libations are the

only way when at the club lol)

besties again! i got purple eyeshadow for the

night...i may or may not be obsessed

with it now...

kalisha boo! she had some BAD shoes

that night..4-5inch heels with feathers

and stone beads...they were hot