Saturday, October 2, 2010

she works hard for the money

..or in my case WILL be working hard for the money. yesterday chatoyya and i drove all over columbia picking up applications..when i say "all over" i mean just at the mall...but we did get a bunch and i turned ones into joann's fabrics and hobby lobby. we're supposed to go back to the mall later today to hand in the ones we picked up yesterday. at this point i don't even care where i work as long as i get a job. thursday i decided i was gonna go home this weekend out of the blue, almost started crying when i found out i didn't have enough money for gas to get there. BUT the brightside is yesterday i discovered that the french quiz i originally thought was the monday after this upcoming monday is really taking place this upcoming a few days. i never can get any work done while i'm home, so it's probably for the best.

bard college FINALLY posted their application for their curatorial studies ma's really pathetic the number of times i logged on the application website to see if it was posted lol. anyways, it made me really excited to fill it out. i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope i get accepted...i'd be happy to get into any of the schools i'm applying to, but I'm in love with bard and it's been my #1 since i decided to go to grad school for curatorial studies. so fingers have officially been crossed.

moving list of things i want to get as soon as i start getting regular paychecks keeps's so bad. i can't decide which holga camera i want lol. i really like the classic black because it has a flash, but the other one is purple!!! if i could find a purple holga WITH a flash oh i'd be in there like swimwear!

aren't they pretty?!

had a dream last night that some gangster like guy who ran my town came to visit my apartment building and to keep him from taking all our money and stuff my parents basically promised me to him in marriage. bad thing is in my dream i didn't even have a problem with was so weird...what's also weird is that the guy was really good looking and not that old. but then again it just follows the pattern of me having off the wall dreams.

guess i'll go back to filling out this michael's online application..they said it's supposed to take 45 minutes! not happy about that...but i guess it's worth it since i need a job like 2 months ago..