Thursday, July 16, 2009

looking for love in all the wrong places

thanks to my new "sleep schedule" I am able to watch Saved by the Bell in the morning from 6-8am. watching it makes me realize no wonder dustin Diamond is so fucked up as an adult. I would be too if my only successful tv career was based on a character that was constantly made fun. whatevs I guess.

Seriously considering sucking it up and taking German next spring semester. watched the movie "Goodbye Lenin" (sooooo good!!!) inmy geography class this past week....made me think that ,aybe taking German won't be as bad as I think. mainly because of how closely english sounds to german. Hopefully me having french and german experience going into grad school will up my chances of actually getting in since my gpa sucks so bad. idk.

realized today that I probably shouldn't have bailed on the school's bookstore job fair..there weren't any cashier jobs open and the only job I would've considered taking is a clothing associate job or whatever they call it. basically i'd be working in the clothing section and directing ppl through there and blah blah. idk and i was not having a good day that day so i was not in the mood....although i bailed the first day too, but that's not the point. except i did pick up 2 applications from stores downtown. hopefully i'll get one of them.

i must say columbia businesses have THEY worst commercials i have ever seen....99% of them are so painful to sad.

i've definitely become like claudia from the babysitters club with my candy drawer.
Watching this episode of Laws&Order:SVU about a transgendered girl. very interesting...the girl is sooo cute!! except it was kind of awkward because when Benson and Stabler went to talk to her for the first time her mom opened her door and she was putting on her bra. Since she was still transitioning she had not developed breasts yet so she still had a boy's chest. idk I just thought it was weird that they showed that since the detectives already knew she was transitioning. overall pretty good episode, idk if they've ever covered problems transgendered people go through.

21st bday in a few weeks!!! soo excited to drink all day! definitely buying myself a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
supposed to be going to dc to visit le former bf-current amigo in late august.....planning has been an adventure on its own. super excited so i'm trying to not tell too many ppl just in case i end up not going, also trying my hardest to keep the trip from my mother...which is really hard to do, because i already tell her everything and then usually whatever i don't tell her she somehow finds out. how i have no idea. i've been on le amigo's coattails making sure i can really use his free plane tickets and making sure he books my flights in enough far it hasn't been working lol. but it's ok for now guess....idk since we've been friends for awhile then dated i still know how he is and how he operates, so im not freaking out. it's funny how much more you learn about someone when you date them...

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! the guy who played Dennis Duffy on 30 Rock (and Horatio Caine's younger brother on CSI:Miami....probably watch too much tv....recognized the woman who plays Holly on the office in law&order:svu AND ci episodes; and recognized ed helm's (andy bernard) voice on a online travel website commercial...jeez my life is sad) was on Law&Order: SVU!!!!! (sort of freaking out right now....i find him somewhat attractive) ok done being sadly super excited all by my lonesome in my room.

new favorite word: tittilated (must find a way to work that into everyday conversation)

love the way my painted toesies look....nothing like a 5am pedicure.
i feel weird following celebrities on twitter....but still cool.
ok music time!!!! found this on my john legend pandora station:
two of my favorite ppl!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


new fave thing: ham/canadian bacon + green peppers pizza. had shakespeare's today TRES TRES DELICIOSO!!! super fresh green tastey. can't wait for le refund check to get herre so I can finally get rid of the raggedy caveman sized tv I have now. flat screen here i come!!! and of course after spending half the summer yearning for my dvd player as soon as I get the cords I don't want to watch any of my movies. I just want my Golden Girls!!!!

found out what SMH stands for....3 years after everyone else. also found out what jive turkey means..not quite what I thought. oh to wells. the past 2 weeks or so i've really been wanting to pierce something...not sure what though...i don't even want to for aesthetic purposes, i just want to do just for the hell of it.

still not looking forward to grad school..bleecch. idk where i want to go for sure. damn gpa.
i want to go to the lake sooo bad. i really need to put operation make friends with someone who has a lakehouse into affect before the summer is over. i misses the lake.

sitting here watching "friends" ...definitely not by choice..don't really feel like rapelling(sp?) down from my mountain top loft bed to change the channel....especially when I dont have that many to choose from. i really should stop complaining.....we had our Africa lecture today in geography class today....SOOO SAD!! i just want to reverse all the colonialism that took place....having very bitter feelings towards europe today..ugh. it's so sad.

this song always makes me feel inspirational....and it doesn't hurt that my boo sings it

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

good good good

soooo things have been going pretty well for me lately. new computer, moneys, my heart problem isn't serious, my confidence is skyhigh..I think that's it so far. oh my geography class is going really really well...I always did like geography. I'm thinking about taking a GIS mapping class..key word thinking. definitely getting my heart tattoo. fa shos.

saw "away we go" with the bestie a few days ago..soooo good!! I'm really proud of both john krasinski and maya rudolph for breaking out and doing it successfully. they were amazing!!! and the soundtrack was really good too. so on this awesome blog there is a reoccurring post called "happy lists" (i believe...i may have made that up). and she has people submit a list of ten things that make them happy. I started one weeks ago ..i got to 15 or so. but i decided to write a new one without thinking. so herrre it goes:

Sydney's top ten happy list:
1. deep, passionate, knee buckling kisses
2. heart to hearts with friends
3. food
4. hugs
5. good music
6. my favorite tv shows
7. christmas time
8. naps
9. the fam + ginger
10. sweetpea body spray

yay!!! wasn't that hard.

i guess that's all.