Monday, June 21, 2010

meet me in st. louie

it's official i'm going to see p in st. louis next week for a total of 4 days!!!!! i'm soooo excited!!

ok..that's all...

Friday, June 18, 2010

i was only trying to get ahead

oh drake...i feel kind of bad, because i prefer boyfriend-like-singing drake much more than celebrity-rapper drake. idk...i like him as a rapper, i think he's really good, but his singing ismuch more appealing to me. i think it's also because it wasn't his mixtape that made me like him, but his interviews and all that jazz instead. regardless, i really like his album (probably mostlybecause he's singing on it) i still can't believe it's jimmy from degrassi!! yes i should bepast that by now, but it's so crazy to me

antyways, a few days ago i watched this really cool documentary on pbs about the paris opera ballet...*sigh* all my life i've wanted to be a ballerina..clearly that didn't happen..but it was so cool to see the dancers practice, especially without any music. there were many times where the instructor would have them do whatever piece they were rehearsing and at the end give comments on certain parts and the dancers could start from any part of the dance and go through it. one couple did their routine 4 times in a row without stopping!! i have so much respect for dancers.

so proud of myself, i asked for a second day to volunteer at the nerman museum, and now i'm going to get to assist with the children's classes. i had so much fun doing that yesterday, especially helping on the tour. what the kids had to say about the artwork was so fun to listen to. it's the closest thing to teaching i could actually handle doing. i also talked to the director of the gallery at the bruce r. watkins cultural center and i'll be starting there soon, giving tours and gallery sitting and such. super super excited for that!!

i also have been doing a lot of thinking about grad school and now i think i'm back to going ahead and putting it for a year to get more experience...idk. it's still up in the's not like i've applied yet.

idk what else to talk secret mission plans are falling into place, which is nice. (i don't want to talk too much about it so i don't jinx myself)

trying to go back to doing the whole more pictures thing...i tried with this post even though none of the pictures are mine..womp womp.

but i swear the wedding pictures are coming up soon...i'm so lazy. i put them up on fb earlier this week and lord knows it's harder there than it is on blogger..oh well.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hey there crazy lady/oh for fucks sake

i couldn't decide on a title so i chose both..geez that's sad.

i know this is going to come out really REALLY bad when i type it out, but i do things that really make me question my sanity..for instance humming outloud at elevated volumes which i don't realize i do until a passerby gives me a quizzical look (who i sounded halfway intelligent just then) or have ten minute conversations with myself which i don't realize took place until i notice i just walked halfway across campus. i'm now adding to the list my newly acquired british accent which my thinking voice now speaks in for some strange reason. (i almost said my inside my head voice, but that really does make me sound crazy) idk if it's a result of the gross # of hours i've spent watching poirot or what but it's really weird.

once again my mom has put her nonexistent medical degree to good use and diagnosed me as having diabetes because i was drinking a lot of water today..normally this woman has to tie me down to drink more than 3 glasses a day now i have diabetes?! parents are crazy i swear.

was seriously considering reading the book ulysses because of all the hubbub surrounding the ulysses comic, ipad censors and a small peen shown in the comic....but then i read what it was about and passed...that wasn't rude was it?

speaking of rude i told my mom that my brother should stick to playing soccer come high school and such b.c another black kid playing bball with hopes of going to the nba was such a cliche..then i realized that was sooo rude to say lol. ohwells

i really need to find something to do with my life, b.c my fb stalking is at an all time high. the only reason i befriend some ppl from hs is to check out their page and see what they've been doing with their life, but sometimes i become jealous at their educational endeavors. never fails.

i've been craving some arrested development like's to hoping internet tv works this time.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

foodie patootie

made some cinnamon sugar toast just now. i had every intention of taking a picture of my great delicious homemade creation, but i forgot and when i remembered i had already eaten both pieces (of course lol) tres tres deliciouso

tis sad a whole post on toast lol

oh you know

i love the feeling of freshly shaved legs in between bedsheets...they feel so cool (the temperature) my legs are so smooooth. shaving in the bathtub is so so much easy than in the shower

started hanging out with old high school friends katie and julie times have definitely been had
also, my cousin jessica's wedding was to come soon

every now and then i tell myself that one day i'm going to randomly tell p that i still love him or whatever it is i feel for him just to screw with his head, BUT then i realized it would most likely backfire in my face. womp womp. whatever.

a couple of days ago my dad and i went to the WW1 museum/memorial here in kc (which btw is one of only a few WW1 museums in the country!) it was sooo cool all the things the artifacts they had: uniforms, canons, guns, personal objects, posters, cars, all that stuff...FROM WW1!!! it amazed me how good condition everything was in. the museum was well layed out just enough textual information, but not too much to put me to sleep..just the way i like it. overall it was really good, and i had a fun time with my dad...i'm glad he's into history and stuff like i am.

this guy right here:

mr. theophilus london

he's a pretty awesome guy, i can't turn his mixtape off!! he's soo good! every song sounds different...literally. one song is straight hip hop, then he goes to funk to techno to punk rock. i love it.

check him out:
(pictures from myspace)

can't think of anything else to say...back to this awesome episode of poirot!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i don't give a flying fuck or a rat's ass

idk who this person is that i've become, but i'm really digging her.

as i've previously mentioned on numerous occasions for a very long period in my life i had the lowest of low self esteem. it was during this time that i would drive myself bonkers worrying about what other people thought about me. and i would dress, act, talk etc. accordingly. but the last year or two that has definitely been shed. at this current moment in time i could really give a fuck what people think of me. yes i'm going to be 22 years old living in the dorms my last semester. and? yes my mom's mini van might be my mode of transportation while i finish up at school. so? yes sometimes i dress myself as if i got dressed in the dark. i don't fucking care.

i'm happy with the person i am. for the first time in my life i don't think about changing myself to impress a guy. what you see is what you get. oh, you don't like whatever about me? cool there's the door. whatever.

idk if this has a point or not (i'm actually not sure where this rant came from in the first place) but long story short i don't care. i love what i'm trying to say..long story short.

on another note, i would never admit this to my sister who is THE biggest Drake fan in the universe, but he could TOTALLY get it! it's weird, because i read magazine interviews with him before i actually listened to his music (other than the songs he had out on the radio) and that's what made me a fan. also his singing is more appealing to me than his rap persona.i told my sister he doesn't have that great of a singing voice, but it's like your bf singing to you when drake sings..idk...i'm weird like that.

working on getting a brown or black stud for my nose since the whole plastic stud thing didn't work out last weekend. we shall see.

geez i'm tired..time for bed i guess.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


one thing i really like about my life, is that somehow i've managed to be happy without a stimulus (i think i used that word correctly) nowdays (the last year or so) i can be happy without having fun with my friends, spending time with my family, listening to music, etc. granted those things DO make me happy, but i can now be happy on my own. for instance i'm sitting here on my bed on the computer doing absolutely nothing special and i can say i'm genuinely happy. such a good place to be in. i love it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

finally! heyzeus kreestow!

i seriously have 5 mfing other posts started...i swear i'm going to finish this one...might as well since i'm sitting here half watching transformers 2 (thanks little brother for falling asleep on me)

sometimes i think p knows that he can EASILY get me all kinds of fucked up in the emotion department...i bet he knows. ugh. this man i swear. i love him i do. if we had the opportunity to get back together would i do it? probably. not even gonna lie. yes we had some serious fuck ups during our relationship, but distance was the reason it ended, AND he does always (always = the random times he's mentioned it) say that if we lived in the same city he'd definitely still want to be in a relationship soooo why not?! but one thing i wonder is: is it bad that after a long time of not talking to him i don't get all lovey mushy whatever? it's during that time that i'm fully in reality: sydney he probably doesn't feel the same way you do. sydney you guys had your time let it go. sydney get the fuck over it. whatever. i'm still digging the random conversations.

went to the mall with bree and kalisha tonight...hurt my heart to walk into forever 21 and actually see a ton of stuff i liked but not have any $$..i like that store, but that never happens. it always takes me forever to find something worth buying.

i may or may not have been eating 5-7 cinnamon rolls in a one one sitting lately. it's soo bad. my mom keeps reminding me that it was after college that she really started to gain weight that she couldn't lose...i always want to say "well it's a good thing i'm still in school isn't it?" but i'm not dumb, i dont want to get smacked lol.

volunteer orientation at nelson atkins tomorrow morning..excitement!! i'm hoping to meet some younger people. guess that be all.

oh yea got a pedicure toes look soo good!! i was happy.