Friday, January 16, 2009

Denise was always my favorite Cosby kid

I wasn't sure what to title this one. for some reason that title was the first to pop into my head after I cleared my mind. what a weird way to start...but anyways I decided for my first post (entry?) that I would start off with a funny story. (the kind where it's only funny to the person telling it). so last month I had to have my first in possibly a series of root canals, because my sugar/candy dependency decided it was going to betray me. Me being the dramaqueen that I am requested nitrous gas to help calm my nerves. Let me say that I would pay hundreds of dollars to have a few tanks of this stuff. It's great, because it makes you feel drunk. Well on to my funny story. since it was the first time I had ever had the gas (and since it made me feel drunk) my body reacted like I really was drunk. I'm the kind of drunk that says and does stupid stuff; which is exactly what I did. I knew my sister was getting her teeth cleaned down the hall and when I "thought" I heard her talking I called out to her a few times. The hygenist came over to me and asked me if everything was ok. I said yes and that I had heard my sister. she gave me a look I knew all too well....that look same look I get from my friends when I need to shut up. all in all the procedure went pretty well....I'm still not entirely too sure what exactly a root canal does/is. I refused to look it up before my visit so I wouldn't freak out and i was too gassed up to pay attention to what my dentist was explaining to me.

Yesterday I watched a full 45 mins of a Walker Texas Ranger episode...and lived to tell about it!!! That show is one of those shows that's so incredibly bad, but if you watch for more then a minute, you're least for me it is. the same thing happened with SoulPlane tonight. I stopped for literally 30 seconds and ended up watching almost the whole movie. And that movie is the worst!! I kept asking myself "why??" while I was watching it. oh well...

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