Saturday, March 14, 2009

you're magnetized!!!!

so I have the tendency when I eat something and I really really like it, to say that I could live off of it for the rest of my life. and being the person that I am, that list is pretty long. But I'd have to say that I could definitely definitely for sure live off of noodles with butter and parmasean's soooooo good!!! but any who. I can't wait to go home for spring break and see my family. i didn't think I would miss them so much, but I do. I really really miss my little brother. and my puppy dog.

(I couldn't decide which picture I liked the most)
she's soo cute!

Anyways I'm watching "Under the Tuscan Sun" and I love this movie the more and more I watch it....this is only the second I've watched it, but I still really like it...Diane Lane is awesome!!! I'm always for the movies with women being independent and man-free and all that jazz.

the end, off to make buttered noodles and parmasean cheese.

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