Monday, April 13, 2009

shiver me timbers

I HATE f-ing airports!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (especially my hometown airport KCI) ....only because of the memories I have associated with them....I've had to say some of the most painful goodbyes there. I'll explain: there's a shuttle service in my college town called the mo-ex that takes you from columbia to the kc and stl airports. since I don't have my own means of transportation I sometimes take it to and from school. I didn't mind it so much before, but now that I'm in the midst of attemptng to let go of someone I love, whenever I go to the airport all I can think of are those goodbyes. Although there are one or two or more GOOD memories at the airport. Like when he came to visit for Thanksgiving break I went to go pick him up from the airport, I was supposed to be there when his plane landed, but I understimated how long it would take me to get there. I got there (after getting lost inside the terminal) and it was so sweet, because he was sitting on the luggage carousel all by himself. He looked like the last kid waiting to get picked up after school. anyways I remember I was about 100 ft (i honestly don't know how far away I was, but it was pretty far) and I called him on his phone and he ran down to where I was and picked me was just like out of all the cheesy romantic movies but I loved it. Anyways airports=stank...sometimes.

I'm so hungry right now, but can't figure out what I want......I'm dying for some fiesta potatoes from Taco Bell...sound so good right now.

I guess that's back to brooding and "Little Miss Sunshine"

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