Friday, June 26, 2009

"like a discotheque?"

sooo I think I'll start with the obvious..RIP MICHAEL JACKSON
!!!!!! the shock has subsided...but still surprised. i was in the car with my bestie and we gotten text messages about it within 30 seconds of each other...we yelled for a few minutes. Can't believe I'll admit he was a bit strange, but he made some damn good music, his dancing was CRA-AAAZZY and was an amazing singer. so I thought I'd share my 2 favorite MJ songs (they're in no particular order, I just couldn't pick an all time favorite..enjoy!

i forgot about this one until it popped up on the "related videos" thing on yoube..another fave!

I was so sad today because I finished my package of Twizzlers' Cherry good...speaking of candy today during my break in my art history class I went to buy some peanut m&ms from the vending machine..i had a total of 85cents in my wallet and candy is a $1..whhhy!!! that is too much for vending machine candy. I remember in high school when they raised the price of vending machine candy from 60 cents to 75! 15cents makes a big difference when your in high school and you have no job...oh well..

lately i've been finding myself making random refrences to 30 Rock and The Office (2 of my favorite shows) i always laugh at myself then i think how sad it's been on a an almost daily thing now...I don't know where Tina Fey drew the Liz Lemon character from, but she is genius! Sometimes i feel I have liz lemon tendencies...but liz lemon is cool so it's ok.
found out today that it's probably a good idea to change cloth band-aids after a day..or they start to smell like feet.. learned that the hard way.

I am currently addicted to this website, it's hilarious!!! (ok most of the time...i'd say the texts could be broken down like this: 60% hilarious, 50% gross, and 10% random or stupid ) jeez it's hard to type with a band-aid on the top part of your finger...mb I shouldn't have covered my knuckle..oh well.


GelliDani said...

way to use the embed function.

sydney australia said...

lol...I'll admit things may have gotten a little out of's just so much fun