Wednesday, July 8, 2009

good good good

soooo things have been going pretty well for me lately. new computer, moneys, my heart problem isn't serious, my confidence is skyhigh..I think that's it so far. oh my geography class is going really really well...I always did like geography. I'm thinking about taking a GIS mapping class..key word thinking. definitely getting my heart tattoo. fa shos.

saw "away we go" with the bestie a few days ago..soooo good!! I'm really proud of both john krasinski and maya rudolph for breaking out and doing it successfully. they were amazing!!! and the soundtrack was really good too. so on this awesome blog there is a reoccurring post called "happy lists" (i believe...i may have made that up). and she has people submit a list of ten things that make them happy. I started one weeks ago ..i got to 15 or so. but i decided to write a new one without thinking. so herrre it goes:

Sydney's top ten happy list:
1. deep, passionate, knee buckling kisses
2. heart to hearts with friends
3. food
4. hugs
5. good music
6. my favorite tv shows
7. christmas time
8. naps
9. the fam + ginger
10. sweetpea body spray

yay!!! wasn't that hard.

i guess that's all.

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