Thursday, July 9, 2009


new fave thing: ham/canadian bacon + green peppers pizza. had shakespeare's today TRES TRES DELICIOSO!!! super fresh green tastey. can't wait for le refund check to get herre so I can finally get rid of the raggedy caveman sized tv I have now. flat screen here i come!!! and of course after spending half the summer yearning for my dvd player as soon as I get the cords I don't want to watch any of my movies. I just want my Golden Girls!!!!

found out what SMH stands for....3 years after everyone else. also found out what jive turkey means..not quite what I thought. oh to wells. the past 2 weeks or so i've really been wanting to pierce something...not sure what though...i don't even want to for aesthetic purposes, i just want to do just for the hell of it.

still not looking forward to grad school..bleecch. idk where i want to go for sure. damn gpa.
i want to go to the lake sooo bad. i really need to put operation make friends with someone who has a lakehouse into affect before the summer is over. i misses the lake.

sitting here watching "friends" ...definitely not by choice..don't really feel like rapelling(sp?) down from my mountain top loft bed to change the channel....especially when I dont have that many to choose from. i really should stop complaining.....we had our Africa lecture today in geography class today....SOOO SAD!! i just want to reverse all the colonialism that took place....having very bitter feelings towards europe today..ugh. it's so sad.

this song always makes me feel inspirational....and it doesn't hurt that my boo sings it

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CHEETAH D. said...

lol you are soo funny my sydney.... what does smh mean... i see it all the time and i just laugh and pretend like i know what is going on... lol but yah i agree you need a new tv..but like i need one if your not going to use that one this year... ( i was laughing to hard when you said caveman! OMG) lol but ohh yah i want to know.. how do i put pics on my blog and change my template to a cheetah print??!! well anyway.. loves u soo much! talk to you soon lovey!

love DAN.