Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hey there crazy lady/oh for fucks sake

i couldn't decide on a title so i chose both..geez that's sad.

i know this is going to come out really REALLY bad when i type it out, but i do things that really make me question my sanity..for instance humming outloud at elevated volumes which i don't realize i do until a passerby gives me a quizzical look (who i sounded halfway intelligent just then) or have ten minute conversations with myself which i don't realize took place until i notice i just walked halfway across campus. i'm now adding to the list my newly acquired british accent which my thinking voice now speaks in for some strange reason. (i almost said my inside my head voice, but that really does make me sound crazy) idk if it's a result of the gross # of hours i've spent watching poirot or what but it's really weird.

once again my mom has put her nonexistent medical degree to good use and diagnosed me as having diabetes because i was drinking a lot of water today..normally this woman has to tie me down to drink more than 3 glasses a day now i have diabetes?! parents are crazy i swear.

was seriously considering reading the book ulysses because of all the hubbub surrounding the ulysses comic, ipad censors and a small peen shown in the comic....but then i read what it was about and passed...that wasn't rude was it?

speaking of rude i told my mom that my brother should stick to playing soccer come high school and such b.c another black kid playing bball with hopes of going to the nba was such a cliche..then i realized that was sooo rude to say lol. ohwells

i really need to find something to do with my life, b.c my fb stalking is at an all time high. the only reason i befriend some ppl from hs is to check out their page and see what they've been doing with their life, but sometimes i become jealous at their educational endeavors. never fails.

i've been craving some arrested development like crazy....here's to hoping internet tv works this time.

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