Friday, June 18, 2010

i was only trying to get ahead

oh drake...i feel kind of bad, because i prefer boyfriend-like-singing drake much more than celebrity-rapper drake. idk...i like him as a rapper, i think he's really good, but his singing ismuch more appealing to me. i think it's also because it wasn't his mixtape that made me like him, but his interviews and all that jazz instead. regardless, i really like his album (probably mostlybecause he's singing on it) i still can't believe it's jimmy from degrassi!! yes i should bepast that by now, but it's so crazy to me

antyways, a few days ago i watched this really cool documentary on pbs about the paris opera ballet...*sigh* all my life i've wanted to be a ballerina..clearly that didn't happen..but it was so cool to see the dancers practice, especially without any music. there were many times where the instructor would have them do whatever piece they were rehearsing and at the end give comments on certain parts and the dancers could start from any part of the dance and go through it. one couple did their routine 4 times in a row without stopping!! i have so much respect for dancers.

so proud of myself, i asked for a second day to volunteer at the nerman museum, and now i'm going to get to assist with the children's classes. i had so much fun doing that yesterday, especially helping on the tour. what the kids had to say about the artwork was so fun to listen to. it's the closest thing to teaching i could actually handle doing. i also talked to the director of the gallery at the bruce r. watkins cultural center and i'll be starting there soon, giving tours and gallery sitting and such. super super excited for that!!

i also have been doing a lot of thinking about grad school and now i think i'm back to going ahead and putting it for a year to get more experience...idk. it's still up in the's not like i've applied yet.

idk what else to talk secret mission plans are falling into place, which is nice. (i don't want to talk too much about it so i don't jinx myself)

trying to go back to doing the whole more pictures thing...i tried with this post even though none of the pictures are mine..womp womp.

but i swear the wedding pictures are coming up soon...i'm so lazy. i put them up on fb earlier this week and lord knows it's harder there than it is on blogger..oh well.

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Don said...

You would be surprised at just how many people say, "I still cannot believe it's Jimmy from Degrassi."