Thursday, February 19, 2009


sooo I've been living here in the Great Plains my whole life. I'm pretty used to the normal midwest seasons and their temperatures: spring=fair & warm, summer= past humid and hot, fall= fair and cool, winter= always freezing. I feel like I've adapted pretty well to these conditions. With that in mind one would think that while attending college in mid-Missouri, I would be able to handle this weather ok. NOT!! I don't know what it is, but I CANNOT function in these cold temperatures. The actual temperature this morning (9ish?) was in the high teens, low 20's but it really felt like single digit #'s. Maybe this is hard for me, because I'm walking around outside, whereas back at home I was inside during school. But this is my 3rd year so I really should be used to it...nope. All I do is complain complain. This weather is not helpful to my makes going to class really hard!! oh well....I knew I shouldn't have gotten too excited when it hit the upper 50's just a few weeks ago. (I should've known it was a's Feburary, in Missouri!!! That's not normal at all.

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