Wednesday, July 14, 2010

kill or be killed

there's some stupid saying that goes "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger". bullshit. i think.

i go back and forth on how i feel about that quote...there are days i agree with it (usually after some repeat epiphany or life lesson learned) and other times i think it's complete crap, just like "everything happens for a reason" and blah blah. thinking back on my recent and past heartache, i should have a fucking heart of steel.

but alas i don't. which is fine...although that would be pretty anatomically correct shaped heart made of steel, but i digress. i've been trying to look at this whole spilling my guts blowing up in my face situation from the glass half full view..and i have seen some positive light (thanks in part to bree calming me down) what i really need is space. i love having space's so relieving and helps me take control and regroup my emotions.

life lesson learned: don't hold on to someone who is so willing to let you go. tough but true.

and i'll never forget what my 5th grade teacher mr. johnson told us which has seriously stuck with which is that the truth hurts. lord knows thats the truth! and i have definitely been learning that lately.

in other news:

chicago in a couple weeks. super super excited!

guess that's all...past my new bedtime.

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