Saturday, July 24, 2010

make me feel like a woman!

oh shania.

anyways, i must say that being a woman is hard! what i thought was my usual random bout of depression was just pms. (thank gooseness!!) it was really bad there for a few days. i also must say i'm thankful for cramps. and there's only one reason an active girl prays for cramps, but i won't get into that lol.

so super excited for chicago!!! i have a big feeling i'm going to love it and want to move there. i'm excited because my sister and i are flying by ourselves which should be interesting..and fun of course...but mostly interesting.

have i mentioned being broke blows? well it does. i hate it!

checked out the last harry potter book today for the train ride excited to read it! i read a little of it today, but had to stop myself.

guess that's all.

la la la

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