Thursday, October 22, 2009

...and all that jazz

so things have been going pretty well lately...well except for the whole school thing...monday and wednesday i took off from class..well classes..plural classes..i literally stayed in bed all day...ALL DAY...well ok maybe until 2 on monday, but on wednesday i didn't get up til lie! well i did get up to go to the bathroom....i know i know i'm such a bad student..but i was really tired!

so for some reason the "awaken" song by arcade fire makes me want to cry...i thought it was the combination of the song with the where the wild things are movie preview, because i definitely teared up when i watched the preview in the movie theater, and i want to cry whenever it comes on tv, but when i listened to the song on youtube i wanted to cry i'm guessing it's the song..idk.

i must say i am really loving my friends lately....espeically my two best friends angelica and brianna. i love that i can always count on them to be there for me when i need them...gotta say i'm one lucky gal.



since i'm back on my weird staying until 2-3am sleep schedule i've started watching "roseanne" again...i love the banter between roseanne and dan it's so endearing and sweet in their own way. it's great to watch..and makes me all warm and lovey on the inside...

tuesday was "love your body day" (i know i know we should love our bodies everyday..which i do...85% of the time) it's a day set aside to publicly promote positive body image(ry ?) in BOTH men and women. this year's theme here at mizzou was "tweeting positive body image"..or something like that some pictures:

a screen printed poster, i was supposed to write something
under "because" but i liked the poster as is

my t-shirt, the personal statement is supposed
to be like a twitter response to negativity

"i love all of my curves" i know not much of a
"take that negativity" statement, but i wanted
to say it anyways

the back of the shirt

so i sent this song to ex almost made me cry...

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