Thursday, October 22, 2009

"reverend blue jeans"

i'm really only posting a second time today, because i have volunteering at 2:30 and if i lay down i'm not going to get back up sooo here we go!

today in my African American Women in History class began a documentary on Ida B. Wells...i knew she was a revolutionary and a radical, but she was a badass!! She walked into President McKinley's office and straight up told him that he was not being radical enough in pushing anti-lynching legislation!!! ANNND she protested the 1892 Columbian Exhibition in Chicago, because blacks weren't represented...she's amazing!! whew!

pretty proud of myself, because somehow i managed to eat 2 tacos and a thing of nachos without spilling ANYTHING on me!! that's pretty rare for me.

kind of felt bad because i had a cigarette before noon on my way to class...but at the same time it made me feel good...and it kept me from being bitchy to everyone wins!

it's raining kittens and puppies outside (not quite cats and dogs, but it's getting there)

view from outside my dorm window....
i love this campus during fall

i love my boots!
on a campus of 20,000+ students i have yet to see someone
with the same boots, even after a year!

i haven't had candy in i think over a week.....i'm going crazy!! i have cravings out of this world! probably for the best i guess because of the whole cavity thing. whatevs.

if it's still raining after i'm done volunteering i have a feeling i'm going to be in the bed with away we go on...i wonder how many times i can watch that movie before i get tired of it...

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