Monday, October 19, 2009

tired happiness

i'm super tired right now, but really happy....i must say skype is the best invention ever. ever. ok mb not ever but it's definitely on my list along with tupperware, easymac, cranberry sierra mist, those tuna kit meal things, wireless computer mice, (i swear my original list is better and longer ...almost inserted that's what she said, but it seemed like a stretch) anyways yes i love skype because i get to see people.

that's all.

now i'm going back to sleep after writing once again another crappy paper...feels good to be taking a day off from school on a monday..i know i shouldn't but i've already made up my mind..i'll just pay for it later.

here's a special poem (i love it):

Her Lips Are Copper Wire

whisper of yellow globes
gleaming on lamp-posts that sway
like bootleg licker drinkers in the fog

and let your breath be moist against me
like bright beads on yellow globes

telephone the power-house
that the main wires are insulate

(her words play softly up and down
dewy corridors of billboards)

then with your tongue remove the tape
and press your lips to mine
till they are incandescent

Written by Jean Toomer (1894-1967)

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