Thursday, October 22, 2009

"i had it allllllll"

this post is being written instead of writing a revised paper..that is due at 11am...that currently only has 3 paragraphs...and needs to be at least 2 pages...oh well

anyways so alicia keys has a new song out and of course it's AMAZING! and sadromantic (yea that's a word!) the only problem is the fact that she is supposedly dating music producer swizz beatz...who is currently in the middle of a divorce...but not completely divorced...and they've been dating a for months...yea sadness. why alicia why?! i thought we were homies! how can you be the almost practically other woman?! not cool....buuuut your song is still good..soooo yea. here it is: (for some reason i can't embed videos anymore....stupid computer...but i guess i should be grateful..blah blah blah)

so random thought: rainn wilson is awesome!! not only does he do an amazing job as dwight on the office, but his tweets on twitter (is that redundant?) are always so insightful, hilarious and just plain cool AND his new nba commercials are pretty funny as well....i guess it's not that random of a thought since i just saw one of the commercials...

i have officially learned my lesson about falling asleep with the tv on the nickalodeon channel, because i woke to dora the explorer after having THE weirdest dream about her and Prop Hat8 bill in was off the wall.

sooo excited for homecoming this weekend, bree and i are going to have sooo much fun!! "all the single ladies, all the single ladies"! lol ...speaking of which why am i just now watching those videos of the babies dancing to that song?! ...ok maybe just one's soo cute and really funny!

well i guess i should get back to this paper....ugghhh i hate school!! (at least right now)

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