Monday, November 9, 2009

good grief

why am i even in school? i am doing some major student failing at the current moment...not failing my grades are actually pretty good, it's just the whole going to class thing that i'm failing at. i guess i should get it all out of my system now before next semester rolls around and i won't be able to miss any class.

my chest hurts so bad...damn pms. how is it guys go through nothing! ..ok some things happen to them, but the bulk of it gets dumped on us women...this shit hurts! jeez!

maybe that was too much info..

anyways..i need to read a book. for fun. it's so hard to do while school is in session. i've been reading hill harper's book "letters to a young sister" since this past march...still not done. so sad. maybe over turkey day break i'll get some reading done...hmm

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