Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sealion woman

i lead such sad life...last night at 2 something in the morning instead of sleeping i was googling "design your own wedding dress"...and going to different websites designing wedding dresses...and here i am super tired as a result. which leads me to the 2nd reason my life is sad, i woke up 45 mins before my alram went off, couldn't go back to bed so i spent the whole time laying in bed making up interviews between myself and the different talk shows...as if i was on a press/media tour or whatever after becoming famous. no lie. i was on ellen, good morning america, oprah, conan o'brian, all those shows...being interviewed. for 45 mins...ok i may have spent part of that time trying to go back to sleep, but most of it was interview time. then i had to make the choice between showering and eating breakfast, because i don't have time to do both. ..i guess i do, but there's a high chance i'd be late to class. and i went to sleep hungry which i hate. and i guess if i had eaten when i woke up i wouldn't be in this delimma, but i figure i shower everyday my body can't be that bad....and i only have 2 classes today. it's not like i'm going to meet the president or anything. so as a result here i am in bed eating a bagel with cream cheese, blogging with my new homie feist playing. i loooove her music, it always puts me in a good mood.

i really need to get the 3rd season of 30 rock..and fast.

so excited for turkey day break, can't wait to hang out with bree again, i miss her so much!!

well i guess i should get ready for class..

on second thought i might have time for a quick shower...

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