Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it's our anniversary

(did i spell that right?)
anyways, today marks the one year anniversary of the election of the first black us president barack this day i am still amazed he is our president (in a good way) normally this happens when i see him on tv or pictures of the him and his family together. it really warms my heart to know that my first time voting was voting for the first black president. my mom used to always tell me that you never forget voting in your first presidential election (hers was jimmy carter) now i really won't'll be a story to tell my grand-nephews/nieces (see what i did there, didn't say grandkids b.c i'm not having kids! lol. sorry thought that was really clever of me)

i'm currently laying in's alomst 2 in the afternoon. couldn't get to sleep last night was up until at least 3:30am. woke up before my alarm went off this morning and could not bring myself to get out of bed..i've been telling people i overslept. after i decided not to go to my first class i went back to sleep ignoring the fact that i had a 2nd class. i'm such a bad student...but at the moment i don't care. i had a rough night emotionally...cried about ex-lovah even though i kept trying to distract myself so i wouldn't think about bad things. didn't really help. as a result i don't feel like doing anything for the time being....had my breakfast/lunch which consisted of me eating my brownie mound with a fork in bed...i still need to shower and brush my teeth and all that jazz. don't really want to. most likely i'll end up staying in bed reading my favorite blog this is probably going to sound weird but *sidenote time: anytime someone starts a sentence with a phrase like that, or "i'm not racist, but" or "i'm not trying to sound mean, but" 100 times out of 100 they are going to say something along the lines of whatever the sentence started with...that being said my upcoming statement will most likely sound weird* when i'm feeling down and out and super sad i always read the aforementioned blog...i start from the very beginning. idk what it is, but it makes me feel so much better about finding love. the last time i read it all the way through i favorited my favorite posts (super weird i know) here they are:

ok i may have lied, i forgot to favorite the posts until i was almost at the end, nevertheless these 2 are really good. i think this blog is good for anyone questioning love...i know i definitely helps me to realize i can't give up on my search and keep hope alive

that's all i guess....

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