Monday, November 9, 2009


oh me oh my....these past few days..week or two..or more have been kinda sorta rough dealing with my feelins about some people..i'm scared he's going to find someone better, prettier, smarter, richer than me before we get another chance...or at least see each other again and that scares me to death.

i want to tell him how i feel, but i'm scared he's going to either think i'm silly or get upset that i think his feelings for me aren't as strong as they really are...for instance tonight he got a little hurt, because i asked him if i could still see him over spring break even though we agreed to these plans weeks ago...i was just asking to make sure he didn't forget since we usually talk about winter break..i guess he did remember, which made me happy, but i felt bad that he was sad. but then i made him laugh so it was ok.

he still means so much to me...

jeez louise i can't go one post without spilling my guts ... those 3 words can be FATAL...but they are nice to hear.

good grief i love this song
the chorus sums up how i feel perfectly

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