Monday, August 9, 2010

and so it was written

here's the game plan: move to nyc next sept. hopefully i'll have a friend with me (started getting katie's thinking wheels turning today after i jokingly but in all seriousness asked her to move with me..i think it worked because she started looking at apts in chelsea and greenwich village on craigslist..yay!) that being said my plan is to work 2 jobs (possibly 3 if i can make it work) from the time i graduate until sept. which means the whole internship will be put on hold...getting out of the hellhole that is kansas city (and i use the word hellhole in the nicest way) so there's that. lord help me.

i was gonna talk about p, but my brain is tired so i'm not.

i keep meaning to download janelle monae's new stuff, but i keep forgetting.
and i'm almost out of my burberry brit perfume..sadness.

i think i'm just talking to talk...or type? hmm.


deva said...

why nyc? it's definitely an interesting place to live post-college.

sydney with a y said...

sad thing is i don't have a real reason...i think a part of it is the "midwest girl dreaming of the big city" cliche lol