Friday, August 20, 2010

packing schmacking

sooo it's currently about 9am..give or take a few minutes and I'm in bed contemplating if i want to start packing or not...i'm leaning towards not. which isn't really a good decision considering i leave for school tomorrow morning and all i've contributed to packing is half heartedly packing my purple tub container with random shizz and moving my art supplies crate from my room downstairs to the living room. my room is a mess. i absolutely hate packing. i mean i'll get it done..i HAVE to before 10am tomorrow, it's just that i don't really want to. whatever.

still waiting on my ipod cord to get here in the mail. p didn't mail it until last saturday and lord knows how long it takes for mail to get from nyc to here. i just hope it arrives today, otherwise i'll have to have my parents mail it to me at school and i know as soon as my mom sees that he sent me something her nosiness is going to into overdrive. things have been going much better between us on my end..mainly because lately we've only been communicating once or twice a week which is perfectly ok with my emotions a break.

so excited for my classes this semester! well except for french of course...i can still read it fairly well, i'm just hoping my professor isn't going to speak to us in it all the time or i'm screwed. since it's been about 4 years since my last french class i'm not worried about getting a bad grade. i know enough to not fail, but i doubt i'll get an A...i'm shooting for a C. i'm really excited for my harlem renaissance art history class, i can't believe they're devoting a whole class to the harlem renaissance! i'm also excited for the class because chatoyya is in it too which is sentimental, because first semester freshman year we had history class together and here we are last semester of college in the same class...we're both pretty sentimental about it lol.

guess i could do some packing before i have to take my dad's car in to get the oil changed....UUUGGGHHH. packing is the worst!

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