Thursday, August 26, 2010

emailed my professor, no morning studying. going back to sleep

^^ most current tweet.

email to professor:

Bonjour Antoine,

Je ne pourrai pas recontrer avec vous aujourd’hui. J’oublie´ J’ai rendez-vous avec ma conseilere. Au revoir!

-Mlle Cooper

ok so I told a little white lie...i don't really have an appointment with my advisor. i'm just really tired and am not up for meeting today. that two sentence email took me for freaking ever to write.

i swear i'm going back to soon as i take a break from reading this awesome blog "New York Days" which i found via "Parliament Pavement" who also has a tumblr page (both are pretty cool...but her tumblr page is definitely winning out of the two)
that's a really bad habit of mine, when i find a new blog i really like i tend to try and read it..from finish to start. which is bad some days like today when i'm exhausted and want to go back to sleep, but the blog is so good i can't stop reading.

last night i had a dream i went to see the last exorcism with my family, but then chickened out. maybe that's a sign...

first day back at the art league today...can't wait!

now back to sleep.

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