Monday, August 9, 2010

bring it down a notch please

wow last night was bad for my emotions...thanks non existent alcohol limit. on the outside i was totally fine, but the animated in my head lizzie mcguire me was tipping over filing cabinets and kicking over office coolers hulk style..(yes the inside of my mind is an office setting...not sure why) thank goodness twitter got the majority of my drunken rage.(not counting the previous post which was drunkenly typed) was baaaad. BUT! only shed a few tears..go me!!! it could've been worse, i could've been spilling my guts to my friends while out at some club all sloppy drunk least last night i was in the comfort of my own home with my computer...which thinking about about it the latter is probably worse, but whatever. i still have a lot of pent up emotion since i never express how i truly feel...guess i'm saving it all up for when i can actually afford to go to a therapist.

In other news, decided that I’m going to buy myself a macbook for graduation this December. I’ve wanted one for the longest time (years) and I was considering pooling together whatever xmas and graduation $$ I get, but I really want this and it would mean a lot more to me if I bought it on my own. SO between paying off these school bills and saving for new laptop things are going to be pretty tight..i need a job sooo bad. Fingers crossed I get one.

Excited to go back…mostly because I need to get out of this I’m also excited because it’s my last semester! Then time to start a new chapter in my life. I can’t wait.


rush said...

You are so fortunate to be in your last semester.

Eagerly looking forward to my own graduation next year too.

And it's never a good sign to be drinking alone! But I'm sure it's an even worse sign to be remembered as "that one friend who puked all over my shoes!"

It's a real conundrum--totally get where you're coming from.

sydney with a y said...

to make things worse, i got drunk at a family bbq..classy.

not the shoes!! my friends would never let me live that down lol