Thursday, August 26, 2010

thursdays are bad days

so my younger sister has a theory (with evidence to back it up) that thursdays are bad days. when i have bad days i agree with her. i'd give today a C, maybe a high B. ok there were A worthy moments, but i'm talking an overall grade.

today in a nutshell:
lied to my french professor
almost killed myself during modern art
started my sketches
first day back at the art league
counted all the $ in the drawer correctly the first time (this never happens)
possibly ruined my mom's credit score
lied to my RA to get out of a hall social event

I have to give myself credit, because since monday i've started a "talking bad about people" fast. that is one of my worst habits. so i've stopped saying mean things out loud and as soon as i think something mean i tell myself to stop. i know it's not some nobel peace prize winning thing, but it's something i don't like about myself and after boohooing on monday i realized i had no right to talk about anybody. so there we go.

i had much more to say earlier today..oh well!

ps: i got one of those automatic glade spray freshner thingys. yea it scares the shit out of me b.c it's so freaking loud when it sprays and i don't keep time of every 36 mins that go by.


DIANA DYE said...

Hahahaha!! the Glade spray anecdote is hilarious!! It really is it made my day that much better!! Who it sounds like a stressful week, good thing the weekend is right around the corner yay!!! ♥

sydney with a y said...

yay! lol