Wednesday, December 30, 2009

500 days of summer

i love this's really really good...definitely could've used it over a year ago when my last relationship was's a lot easier to have that "not everything is meant to be" mentality almost 2 years after the fact..but i digress..i love zooey deschenal (sp?) she can do no wrong in my eyes..except for her blonde hair in elf...i like her even more now that she's married to ben gibbard..i think they make an awesome couple. and i love her band she & him..i'll admit her singing voice is kind of weird, but i still like it. and love love joseph gordon-levitt..he was really good in it too..

anyways so i've been ok lately..had to snap myself back to reality a few times, but i'm good. now normally i'm not a super religious person but a friend of mine's caretaker was telling us about praying for the right man..not necessarily the one we WANT but the one we NEED ...don't pray for physical, but for emotional etc. so i prayed for someone who will treat me right. like the way i deserve to be treated..i have faith he's out there somewhere. ..can't give up on love...i guess lately this whole soulmate/fate business has really been on my mind, especially after my cousin's bridal shower earlier this week...all i know is that i want a cute "how we met and how we got engaged" story...i'm such a sap

well guess that's all...back to the movie

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