Tuesday, December 15, 2009

an ugly duckling i am no longer

so you know how they (idk who "they" really is) say some people peak at a certain age? well i'm finally growing out of my 13 year ugly duckling phase..well at least i think i am...and i'm hoping praying and hoping that i don't peak at this age. that would suck some major whale balls..i mean i personally think i'm attractive...i know i'm no halle berry or kerry washington or zoe saldana or rosario dawson or alicia keys but i know i'm not a dog either.

anyways, some friends and i saw princess and the frog last friday....it was SOOO good. yes it contained stereotypes and blah blah (it's disney...no one should be surprised) it was just nice seeing so many brown faces..and apparently this is the first animated disney movie that was hand drawn in 7 years or something like that...overall it was really good..it's definitely one of those movies where i cry at the end, because i'm so happy..which i did...ok maybe not cry cry but i definitely shed some tears.

the pretty tiana and naveen as a frog

different stills from the movie...ok don't judge
me, but the dad was pretty attractive for
a cartoon...i know that sounds super weird

prince naveen was pretty cute too...and i
was really glad he ended up darker in the movie
than he looked in the previews

had my first final today....it was one of those incidents where you get the test and all you can do is laugh, because you know you're going to have pull some bull out the air to get through the test...my teacher put the first comparison slide (it's an art history class) up on the screen and my friend and i looked at each other then busted out laughing...overall the test wasn't as bad as i expected...

saturday i got a finals care package my mom sent me...the 8 pack of mini butterfingers was gone in 2 days and the 5-pack of stick crackers with dip cheese was gone in one...i seriously have a eating problem..it's so bad that when i watch tv a lot of the time i start to crave whatever food is on the screen...and lately i've been eating or trying to get food in my dreams...it's weird..but that is my life.

guess that's all for now..

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Don said...

whew. i had to stop reading before the movie was revealed. see, i plan to take my daughter to see the film sunday.

she absolutely cannot wait.