Thursday, December 10, 2009

what a girl wants

so like every other college student across this vast, equality denying(like that?), country i have finals..however I am not freaking least not yet. tomorrow (today technically?) is stop day here at good 'ol mizzou which equals no classes. i should be excited, which i am i guess, but i have a paper due..ok just the revised edition, i should be working on it...but of course the usual weeknight roseanne marathon is much more appealing. i'm thinking about just doing it tomorrow after my 11am exam review. my teacher didn't give us a specific time soooo...yea. i also have volunteering...i really shouldn't complain i won't be back until mid jan. and for once i can spend my time not doing schoolwork. it's just SOOOO cold out!! but then again if i'm willing to walk in the cold for drinks then i can do it for volunteering...blah blah blah.
it is a really bad idea for me to blog while watching tv...i keep forgetting how easily distracted i can get...i know i had more to say, but i can't remember what...
one thing i've noticed about myself, is that when i'm single single (meaning there's NO ONE i'm seeing, "talking to" or sinning with) i always super evaluate the guy kind of guy i want to date...i found myself doing that tonight and in my head i was thinking *said in super perky, happy, soprano voice* "i know exactly what kind of guy i want. he's going to be this this and this. and we're going to do this this this"...yea it's sad. i'm so weird. i'm unfortunately turning into the crazy, single lady....hopefully it's just phase...maybe it'll help if i get out of my head so much.
anyways on a happier note, CORINNE BAILEY RAE IS BAAAAAACCCCKKK!!! can you see the excitement? yea i'm kinda excited..just a little. she has a short video on her website of her in the studio messing around and talking about her new album...she's so adorable!! and i love her hair even more now her hair is soo long! i can't wait to hear her new music..i think her album comes out in jan?...feb? but yea excitement all around.
guess i'll end it there...probably should go to sleep since i'm not doing any revising at the moment.
(for some reason the video wasn't working right on her website)

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