Wednesday, December 16, 2009

currently flipping my shizz

as you can see from the title i'm kinda sorta freaking out right now, because i think i finally found a picture of a woman with an afro whose hair resembles mine. i have been natural for about 2 years now, still figuring out how to properly take care of my hair which i think i just found out my curl type which may be a 3B or's hard to tell..i'm bi-racial which makes my hair kind of crazy..(it's curly/wavy but fine too) when it's long like it is now (about 4-41/2 inches i want to say) i have strands of hair that are S-curl type, wavy and even straight ones, which out of a bad habit i always end up pulling out (it's really bad i know) anyways i've been blog hopping like crazy on natural hair care/style/info blogs and i FINALLY found my least i think i did...via

argh! this woman is so pretty! and

her hair is so awesome...i'm hoping to get mine

that long...lord help me.

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