Monday, December 7, 2009

hello? is it me you're looking for?

oh lionel (see title)

as usual i'm doing some major student failing at the moment..i have a paper due wednesday that i should've been spending the past 10 years of my life working on, but of course i didn't. instead i'm sitting in bed watching tv and hopping through blogs...there are so many good ones out there...wish i 1. had more to say then just meaningless rambles and complaints, 2. lived in a big city like chicago, or new york or dc or philadelphia (i have no idea how to spell that), houston or la ...i know i'm stuck here in columbia as a result of my circumstances, but still... 3. had more fashion sense..well i guess i like my style, i just don't have the means i.e money from a job...which i also don't's so bad, i've been surviving off my parents..ok not plural, because my dad only sent me $ ONCE in my 4 years of i'm not bitter at all...anyways...i work in the summers, just not during the school years. maybe it's out of laziness..idk really.
i guess what i'm really saying is that i can't wait live on my own...i know i'll probably regret saying "i can't wait" a few years from now when i'm paying for everything myself, but i am..i think it's from me being in school..i'm sooo done. my brain hurts oh so much.


so here's my plan for the next year:
summer 2010- museum internship (fingers crossed) maybe take german..i really don't want to but i know if i want to get into grad school it'll help ..whatever
fall semester 2010- start italian ( i know i know i'm super late, but whatevs), graduate
spring semester 2011- start my break from school, continue to take italian, find job or paid internship
then grad school ..idk..i feel less like a crazy, unorganized lady if i write it out

I really really REALLY can't stand holdiay jewelry commercials...they're so unbelievably cheesy and annoying..they make me cringe..and a lot of it is really really future significant other in for a interesting ride with me..

so i've noticed (at least when it comes to my life) when things come to an end other things end too. for instance when another person and i end all things romantic..and right now communication as it were (i know that phrase doesn't belong there i just wanted to use it) other things in as plans for the future. i had planned on going to new york for spring break...well thanks to the events that happened over the past few weeks i kinda threw those plans now it looks as if i'll be spending my senior year spring break at home..for the second year in a least last year angelica was staying with us..i guess i could go stay with my grandparents in arizona again...key words "i guess" idk. it's whatever i guess. also i have an artpiece i've been hiding under my bed so no one will know it exists, mainly because i'm embarrassed this whole situation thing even happened. anyways so the artwork is there..taking up space. do i keep it? i really don't want to...i'd prefer not to have it mock me. or do i send it to the person it was made for? i'd prefer not to do that either, because then i'd have to ask the person for their address..not really wanting to do that either. *sigh* idk..i guess i have a whole semester to think about it, seeing as how i don't move out until may.
plans and artwork

last no way do i want kids. people tell me "oh you'll change your mind when you get older and blah blah blah" i won't. when i say i don't want kids..ever...i mean it. i can't stand being in clothing stores having to manuever past strollers, i can't stand when parents can't get their babies to stop crying. small children annoy me. i hate pretending people's babies are cute...all babies look like nasty wrinkly raisins until about 6months...yea i said it..etc etc. i can't stand the monthly beating my lady parts recieve and people expect me to go through labor?! don't think so.

i guess that's all...i was going to talk about my on and off love/hate relationship i have with my hair, but seeing as how it took me over an hour to write this post thanks to my horrible attention span...and having the tv on i guess i'll end it. time to get food anyways.

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