Wednesday, December 16, 2009

procrastination at its finest

so it's almost 4am and the revised paper that's due tomorrow at 1pm is sitting here next to me...still waiting to be least it moved from my school bag (where it's been since last thursday). anyways i wanted to write about my heart condition...(mainly because a commercial for healthy living and exercise just came on). so this past june/july, i don't really remember when exactly, i was diagnosed with inappropriate sinus tachycardia which just means my heart randomly gets unusually rapid heartbeats. my doctor deducted (deduced) that they were being caused by emotional stress. and i definitely believe him, because i was going through some serious emotional shizz at the time..and the year before that when it started. it sucks, because when i say the rapid heartbeats are random i mean they are RANDOM! usually i get them after walking briskly, or up a lot of floors...instances like that. but sometimes i get them while sitting down. so my point is is that my doctor, who doesn't believe in prescribing medicine when it's not completely necessary, told me that excercising and weight lifting will help...mostly make my heart stronger. that was in the summer...i have yet to do either.

i know i know i need to do blah blah and treat my heart blah blah and blah. but how do you expect a non working out person to just switch things up?! i've never ever liked excercising! ever! in 2006 sports illustrated voted mizzou's $50 gazillion rec center #1 in the MF-ing country! using the aerobic and weightlifting machines is FREE for students and i've only worked out there maybe 7 times in the whole entire 4 years span of time i've been here...yea so excercising isn't happening anytime soon...i stopped complaining about my condition because 1. my grandmother has a heart attack everytime she hears my heart had one little flutter, i have my mom to thank for that and 2. if i'm not going to solve my problem i shouldn't complain..just like people who don't vote shouldn't complain. but now i'm thinking i may have to start doing something, because being bundled up for some reason makes it so everytime i walk somewhere on campus i feel like my heart is going to give out...not a good look.

how my heart looks right now..poor thing
kinda sorta stole this picture,
it;s from a cute blog:

sidenote: this has nothing to do with anything, but i've been watching a lot of roseanne lately and i must say i can't stand becky...she is so selfish and bratty..i know it's just a tv show, but she really bugs me.

ok time for a quick sleep then up to work on this idiotic paper

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sarah said...

i'm so sorry to hear about that!
i definitely know what you mean when you talk about procrastination, though. when i was writing my final papers, i put them off for WAY too long.

also, exercising will be the death of me.
i hope things start looking up for you.