Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"what has two thumbs, speaks limited french and hasn't cried once today? this moi!"

title brought to you by liz lemon via 30 rock...one of my favorite quotes from that show

so today is the only day i don't have any finals (besides friday) i have a paper revision due and a final to take tomorrow, so what did i do today? seriously laid in bed ALL mf-ing day...well at least until about 4. i got up to pee and eat, but that was about it. i did shower though! the only productive things i did today were pay my school bill and reserve my chuttle ride home for friday. oh and i did buy my new year's eve dress...i've been seraching high and low for a dress that was reasonbaly priced but also unique. bree and i are going to a huge party for new year's and i would really prefer it if i was the only one in attendence with my dress. i happened to be on forever 21's website just to browse through their dresses again even though the first time ended up being fruitless, but i guess they put up new dresses, because i found one!! it reminded me of when my mom and i went seraching for my senior prom dress. i looked through dresses that i thought were cute, but when i laid eyes on THE ONE i knew i had to have to have it. same thing earlier today. after i saw the dress, i didn't even bother looking at the other dresses...i had to have it. anyways, here it is: (it's a bit short for my taste, so i think i'm gonna wear leggings underneath it):

isn't it purdy?! because of my limited funds (limited= none) i had to sacrifice getting my eyebrows waxed in order to get the dress, but i'm happy with my decision...the girls are going to look great! lol. i am sooo excited for this party...it's going to be packed with delicious fellas, a drink will be in my hand at all times, and i'm going with bree..fun times are always had when i hang out with her.
i'm currently watching funniest commercials special on TBS...trust me not by choice...only because george lopez is having a cast renuinion of his sitcom on his show tonight and i know that if i change the channel i'll forget...sounds like a bit much, but it's happened before unfortunately.
well i guess that's all...don't really have anything profound to say..
..maybe i'll start on that paper...

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Ashley Cauthen said...

such a cute dress! good purchase :)