Saturday, September 5, 2009

dirty bomb fuzzy glove

so a few days ago i found out that my school has 11,096 undergraduate male students...and yet a sister is still single. i have been single since may of 2008...i think...let me think about it..yea since last may. which doesn't seem like a long time, just over a year. but in reality it seems like forever ....why me lord? i really am starting to believe i was an evil doer in my past life. so unfair. i have freckles for petesake!! and an awesome gold nose ring..I'm a catch! I still know all the words to every backstreet boys song...i could do a one girl show of phantom of the opera, moulin rouge and pride & prejudice! i'm not THAT messy...i may acquire a few crumbs from eating in bed, but nothing too extreme. i have a cute, short curly fro-thing. w.e at least i have my health.

things i want right now
1. a slice...or 2 or 3 of my great-gma ferne's homemade apple pie
2. a red or navy peacoat with toggle closures
3. a car
4. shrimp
5. strawberry pop
6. a cuddle buddy
7. flat tummy...abs wouldn't hurt
8. diamond stud earrings
9. . a gold ring with a pearl
10. a better gpa
11. a working tv
12. contacts

when i was younger i always envied geni from i dream of geni and samantha from bewtiched, because they always got what they wanted thanks to their magical powers. i used to wish that i could wiggle my nose and move my head to make my room clean. oh to be young again

ex lovah has officially joined the grown up world. *insert major dramatic unnecessary sigh*
as dramatic as i am i'm happy for him.

i would just prefer for the universe to not be so against me right now......once again i have my health

2 bad habits i've acquired lately: sleeping in my clothes..which i guess isn't really a bad habit, i just shouldn't do it..ok i guess i can..idk. 2nd taking benedryl to help me fall asleep. i know it's probably really really bad to do, it makes my sleeping life easier.

ok no more mopey sad emo ramblings, happy time for the rest of this post!

  • my favorite show The Office starts back up again sept 17th. must find a way to get season 5...i'm technically not supposed to be student charging at the bookstore anymore since i ran out of $ to pay for school. so we shall see.
  • 30 rock starts in far away but excitement is still being expressed on my part
    went to academic retention services yesterday and had major help in planning my future...which took a lot of stress off my shoulders...whoo whoo!
  • got my beef n broccoli w/white rice fix today...who knew mall chinese food could taste so good?! Yummers !

still working on tattoo #2. i want another one soooo bad!! it's addicting. mmm christian bale = yummy. (im watching the dark knight) i've heard people (mostly media) say bad things about maggie gyllenhaal's looks...not cool. 1. she's super cute 2. she's an awesome actress. ok i think she's really cute and a good actress. speaking of my opinoin, why on earth is miley cyrus of all people a part of vh1's divas live show this year after 5 f-ing years of the show not happening?!?!?!?! i'm super pissed!!! what about REAL performers?! beyonce? shakira? jennifer hudson? taylor swift? women who can actually sing!?! ugh!!! damn you vh1!!! whatever. miley can blow me..can't stand her.
ok time to cool off...

well i guess that's all for a much better mood now.

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