Saturday, September 5, 2009


looking back on my last post i realized i forgot to put up a picture of my sister. (good thing she doesn't read this on a regular basis, she wouldn't be too happy lol) so here is my favorite antagonist..lover her to death no matter how pissed i get at her. we may not get along 24/7, but we do have some classic childhood memories..i'm glad we're really close. i dont know what i'd do without her. love you dan!!

my favorite little brother and sister
(pardon le eyebrows)
oooh what great taste in clothes you have!
(yea i'm reppin the Human Rights Campaign!!)

lake michigan! one of my favorite places

so pretty!
xmas eve, my freshman year of college...definitely gained the freshmen 15 in my face
(2nd attempt at bangs..didn't turn out so well, but not as bad as the first)

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