Saturday, September 19, 2009

from the mindgrapes of sydney

so far this weekend has been going pretty well..went out thurs night with the waaaay too drunk...still piecing the night together..sort of..i really need to pace myself when i drink..definitely called ex-lovah and may or may not have professed my love for him...then sent him a text talking about fate not liking us or we'd be together...yea..simply pathetic. the good thing is that idk he noticed, b.c he wrote me on fb today (about the ben folds song "the luckiest"....again!!!! made me so happy!) and when i texted him he didn't mention it. also if i know him as well as i do he probably still doesn't check his voicemail. so hopefully he'll never hear it.

so as a result of thursday's debachury, i kept thinking friday was saturday...even tweeted about..didn't notice until someone said something lol. pretty funny. also hung out with my new favorite friend. i looove talking to him, he cracks me up and he's so honest about everything. and he always compliments me, but not in a sleezy coming on to me way. he's good company. i like having a guy friend to hang out with with no expectations. just friends. so he put in a good mood friday after having a good conversation.

today was pretty laid back...just watched tv for the most part....except for the footlong pizza sub

i ate today. i was trying to figure out if i should get a 6 in sub with peach rings or a footlong by itself. it was a hard decision b.c it would've been about the same price either way. so i ended up getting the footlong thinking i could eat 1/2 tonight and the other 1/2 tomorrow...def ate the whole thing...then felt sick lol. but totally worth it.

below is my favorite thing in the world (ok one of many). it's a gold heart & key necklace that used to belong to my mumsie, she gave it to me about a year 1/2 ago. over the summer the original chain broke and i had to stop wearing it, because gold is suuuuper expensive!! damn! but then my birthday came and jackpot! new chain! so happy (when i made one of my fb statuses say that i was happy to be wearing it again, ex-lovah "liked" it...unfortunately i didn't see it until about a week later, but it still made me happy) i decided that when i find the person i want to spend the rest of my life with, i'll give him the key....super cheesy i know..but the necklace means a lot to me and my heart is not something to be played with...

this ring is from tiffanys and i want it soooo bad!!! it's soo pretty

Luscious colors, designed to be stacked or worn alone. Ring with a blue chalcedony in 18k gold. Size small. Original designs copyrighted by Paloma Picasso.Carat total weight 1.70. $1,100

anyways, so i mentioned in an earlier post that a friend of mine was starting a zine and i was thinking about submitting poem/venting exercise type thing...well i did...i also sent it to ex-lovah then took it back...but he had already read it and he replied with this (exact words btw) "i love it! it's actually pretty good."...i was sooo excited to read that! i never ever ever send him ANYTHING about how i feel about him/us/our relationship. well i did when we were together, but i'm always scared of getting my feelings hurt so i keep my mouth shut. but this is more of a reflection on our relationship with a little bit of how i presently feel sprinkled in..that being said, i decided to post it here since my toughest critic liked here it is:


When a girl loves a boy she’ll eat cantaloupe and melon for the first time in her life, because he bought some for her

When a girl loves a boy she stays up with him while he pulls an all nighter to finish a paper

When a girl loves a boy she plays video games with him even though she’s bad at them and doesn’t want to, because he likes playing with her

When a girl loves a boy she lets him cry on her shoulder when he’s upset

When a girl loves a boy she lets him tickle her even though he tickles with claws

When a girl loves a boy she can still feel him wrapped around her while she sleeps

When a girl loves a boy she still occasionally listens to the songs he wrote her

When a girl loves a boy she lets him use her computer to play computer games even though she wants to cuddle

When a girl loves a boy she watches news shows and boxing matches just to spend time with him

When a girl loves a boy she can never forget how his kisses used to make her knees buckle

When a girl loves a boy she will talk to him on the phone until the wee hours of the morning even though she has an early morning class

When a girl loves a boy she listens to “their song” even though they’re not together anymore

When a girl loves a boy she thinks about him more often than she should

When a girl loves a boy she can’t tell her heart no...

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