Monday, September 7, 2009

happy labor day! blah blah

so i'm not really sure the whole point of labor it to celebrate all the people that work? like secretarie's day celebrates secretaries? if that's the case shouldn't secretaries get that day off? i mean i'm not complaing. labor day is one out of four holidays of the year the the wonderful university of missouri-columbia gives it's students off...the others being martin luther king day, turkey day and xmas. we don't even get a winter break! 4 years later..still bitter about that.

right now i'm watching season 4 of the office bloopers....well i was until my dvd messed up. mb i'll watch 30 rock...the office is really the only show i can watch over and over again without getting sick of it.

so on usa channel/network whatever they're having an "emmy marathon weekend" and showing monk/house/law & order:svu marathons...sooo guess what i did all day yesterday? yea that's right laid (layed?) in bed all mf-ing day blog hopping and watching law&order and stuffing my face with oreos. it was heaven. although the only sad part is that when i woke up at 7something this morning i finished off the last of the cookies. i was pretty proud of myself...tking only 2 1/4 days to eat the whole package..i probably shouldn't be, but it's the little things in life.

was fiiiinnally able to watch my bootleg copy of harry potter 6. loves that movie. rupert grint sho could get it whenever he wanted it....that malfoy kid is looking better and better too...

might be time for a haircut soon..

i thought i had more to say..i guess not. so i'll end with this:

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