Friday, September 4, 2009

sometimes the universe isn't on your side

holy toledo today was a rough day...idk what's been going on, but lately I've been going through some serious mood swings. not very fun. second night this week I cried forever and ever. (one of my pillowcases is still stained from sunday...too lazy to wash it before laundry day..whenever that'll be)I just don't understand why people have to grow up? it's really not fair. i'm sure I sound super selfish, but i don't care. it makes me sad. when i was in high school i believed that crying, even for no reason, was a stress reliever and a way get my emotion off my shoulders and blah blah....i really dont feel like that if i'm sad enough i'll cry, when my my eyes have dried up because i'm out of tears i'm still sad...crying solves absolutely nothing. still don't have what i want . ugh. i should probably stop complaining.

so a&e has been playing criminal minds like hotcakes (so that really doesn't make any sense, i just wanted an excuse to use hotcakes) and i must say the guy who plays spencer reed (matthew gray gruber) is sooo cute!! he plays a genius on the show and he does a really good job, there have been a few dramatic scens with his character...he gets props from me. and shemar moore?! don't get me started on that man...pure fine chocolately muscle. the only thing i hate about the marathons on a&e is that they start the episodes over again..ohwells.

i need a drink and a smoke. apparently the government is going to make cloves illegal here soon...if they weren't so expensive and i smoked them on a regular basis i would totally stock up....but seeing as how they arent' and i dont ...probs wont. (aww that was cute).well since im done drowning in my own sorrow, think i'm are some pictures:

bree the best bestie
angelica the other best bestie..ever!!!

pop pop and my gingerbread

my brandon boo


one of many birthday donuts

the best donuts in the history of the doughnut universe

one of the few swimsuit pictures of that exist in the world

the birthday girl!!

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