Tuesday, September 22, 2009

she dead! she real dead!

so of course i'm supposed to be typing a paper right now...mm not so much. how can i when "smokin' aces" is on?! this is a damn good movie. everyone did SUCH a good job, especially ryan renolds and jeremy piven. not a fan of jeremy piven, but his acting is pretty good in this movie. big fan of ryan. and of course i have to give props to alicia keys and common. loves them! i will admit that the only thing i don't like about the movie is andy garcia's "southern" accent. it kinda sorta hurts my ears. my favorite part of the movie is the end when it all comes together and ryan shows off his badassness...i wont give it away, but it is fa sho a must see. i remember the first time i watched it was with ex lovah. oh memories.

got me some peach rangs (rings) today..whoo whoo!! however definitely not as good as i thought they were going to be..
i can't believe how fast my hair grows..if it keeps the round shape it has now, i might keep growing it out...we shall see.
I must say i hate phonetag!! it's so mean! ex-lovah and i have been playing phonetag like it's nobody's business..breaks my heart. but the good thing (i guess you can call it a good thing) is that exlovah is playing too, it's not just me trying to get a hold of him, he's calling and messaging me too. and it turns out he doesn't like playing either. hopefully it doesn't last long. i'm glad he still misses me...means i haven't been replaced yet. good to know.

ugh this f-ing paper. it only has to be 3 pages double spaced, not that hard..just don't feel like doing it. school is dumb.

ok not really.

oh hell. real chance of love 2 just came on..now i'm really not going to be able to get anything done...so sad. i really shouldn't watch this show...i mostly watch it because of chance and real..they need a show of just them. they're crazy.

i think something is wrong is with my temporary crown..my tooth has been killing me...which in turn has been f-ing up my sinuses. unfortunately my dental insurance has run out for this year and i don't even have enough to get my teeth clean...so sad. now ppl can't tell me we need healthcare reform. i guess i should be lucky i even have insurance...but what's the point of having it if i can't even take advantage of it? whatever i guess.

OMG ONE OF THESE CHICKS ON THIS SHOW IS 21 F-ING YRS OLD!!! I couldn't IMAGINE myself being on this show...or any show like this for that matter! I still feel young!!! and this is the same chick that said (and i quote) "I'm a pretty girl, i have big boobs...i have a lot to offer" yea ok sweetie. but yea 21 yrs old? no siree bob. pass!

i want to be in love again!! (that's not weird is it?)

ok there's a commercial on tv talking to parents about their kids's asthma but the commercial has a fish flopping around gulping for air while a little girl talks in the background....everytime i watch it all i think is "poor fishy!!" i always feel so bad for it!

ok, i'm forreal about to start this paper....not really, just thought if i said that i'd do it.


ok now!


ok i'm going to say im really really going to start my paper, when in reality i just don't have anyting else to say.


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