Friday, January 8, 2010

houston we have a problem

oh-mm-jee. yesterday was crazy crazy. my computer got a really weird virus downloaded on it (to it?) i was freaking out (even shed a few tears) because i thought my computer was donzo. but mumsie to the rescue! she fixed it and now it's back to normal..thank goodness! then unfortunately she got edward scissorhands happy while trimming my hair and now i'm back to a twa from having a curly/afro with curls at least 4inches long...she said she was going to "trim" it for me because it was getting kind of crazy looking (which i agree it was getting nestlike) and now i'm left with hair maybe 2 inches long...guess it's my own fault for not paying attention and saying stop.

i'm listening to a podcast called europe and its origins episode 1 (yes i'm a nerd)...i got the idea from my friend chatoyya who listens to ancient history podcasts to help put her to sleep (it really works, one night i slept over and we listened to one on byzantine was pretty interesting..and it did help me go to sleep lol).

i have one more week of break. it's been sooo nice. my parents and brother got 4 snow days this week, because the weather has been so crazy...guess it's making up for the weird bouts of warm weather we got in november and december.

wow this guy's voice is really soothing!! i would love to have him as a professor...this is going to sound really superficial, but a professor's voice plays a large role in my attention span and ability to stay awake in class..

i want my second tattoo sooo bad!! i'm itching for it. i think i need to get my first one touched up...but alas that takes i don't have.

(my lotus flower tattoo on my right wrist...

this was taken right after it was done

so it's not as vibrant presently)

i want to end on a happy/good note. so here's a joke that's totally uncalled for

what's the difference between tiger woods and santa?

santa stops after 3 ho's lol i couldn't resist.

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