Sunday, January 10, 2010

mustang sally!

another oh-mm-jee post
last night was EPIC!!! lol
first off bree drove ALLL the way from warrensburg (about 45mins away from kc) after getting back from omaha to kc to go out with me and we didn't leave my house until after midnight,
after we spent forever looking for a f-ing parking spot i realized
i left my clutch at home. so back to the cooper household we went.
got to the club, couldn't find the guys we were supposed to meet up with. in that time someone's father (ok i really don't know if he was someone's father, he was just definitely
older than my age prefence lol) trying to spit game to me. it was so sad.
so we find the guys, bree's friend buys us drinks and we hit the dance area. a bunch of guys came up to us trying to dance with us...some not even saying anything, just grinding on us.
now i'm not that kind of girl that dances like that. i got that all out of my system during high school...i'm past over it. these dudes were for real getting mad when we told them we don't MAD! i was amazed! it was kind of funny to see them get so up their manhood had been damaged...whatever!
2nd part of the night:
we leave the club when it leaves...this is about 3am. (keep in mind i'm technically supposed to have a curfew of 2am)
we go to bree's friend's cousin's house (i know i know lol). it's super awlward at first, because it's mostly his cousins there. in honor of the birthday boy we take a couple of shots...i had 1/2 shots, because i am a serious serious lightweight. as you can guess i got pretty drunk pretty fast. i ended up playing wii tennis with the birthday boy and then brianna....who i ended up beating while playing with my back to the screen (don't ask me how i managed that lol)
then i may or may not have made out with bree's friend....just to note i swear i'm usually not THAT girl. actually this is only the second time in my whole life i've ever done that.
but i must admit i definitely enjoyed it lol....mostly because i haven't been kissed in so long...and he was a really good kisser...well at least drunk sydney thought so.
so we didn't leave until after 5. stopped on the way home so i could pee...behind a tree in someone's yard. we didn't get inside my house until almost 6am, because i waited until we were a few blocks away to tell bree i was supposed to be home at 2 and she was scared to come inside lol.
overall last night was soo much fun...i couldn't of asked for a better way to end my break..even though i don't go back until sat. but still the night was amazingly fun.
(not really sure how i feel about this format for long stories)

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Melly said...

Sounds like a crazy night, glad you had fun!