Thursday, January 28, 2010

"then i'll be at erection cove"

i love 30 rock i really do....probably more then i should, but whatevs.
studying and school is so overrated..(ok not really, but i'm
currently in that anti school mindset again...mainly, because i'm
tired as all get out, and instead of being in bed i'm here at the
library pretending to study...but at least i'm in good company.
chatoyya and angelica are here too.)

idk why, but i've gotten into the weird habit of listening to
robin thicke's song "sex therapy" every morning (actually
about 3 times in a row, because it takes that long to walk
to my first class)...i guess i think it's weird for me to listen to
the song in the morning since it's so sexual...idk..i'm weird.

sooo instead of studying, i'm sitting here listening to
songs on youtube i have no business listening to...
this one in particular:

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