Sunday, January 24, 2010


peeled grapefruit and away we go at 1am...i love it.

i love the smell of grapefruit...the citrusy-sweet scent of it. mmm..
and how john krasinski makes my heart go pitter patter..he was kind of a jerk in brief interviews with hideous men, but it was really hard not liking him, because 1. he did an AMAZING job directing and 2. his serious acting really took me by surprise

this has been an interesting week...i successfully survived my classes...this is going to be one intense semester that's for sure. i'm scared of my greek sculpture class...there's about 15 of us..i'm one of 2 that isn't a capstone student and i think 3 are grad students...2 of my classes has grad school students in it..fml. anyways, since my schedule is so crazy and i ended up with huge blocks of spare time during the day, i'm considering picking up another volunteering gig. we'll see..

this weekend was a lot of fun...friday night chatoyya, janine, angelica, chiffontae, ryan and i all went out for drinks. we had a really good time...i already have fun going out with chatoyya and angelica, but janine and chiffontae as additions make it even more fun. of course i was drunk..that was my plan after dealing with the stress of this week i needed some libations. then saturday morning we all sans angelica went to breakfast which was really nice...idk..i felt like a real grown up. "going out to have drinks and to eat"..maybe it's just me being weird again..

so i'm still back and forth about this whole art history thing...a part of doesn't want to go to grad school but then when i'm in class i'm all gung ho about it...and i still want to do museum work, but i can't do anything besides work the gift shop register/cafe/guest desk without a master's degree..once again catch 22...i'm starting to find that life is full of catch 22's

i decided to take a sewing 101 class at the craft studio...i want to make one of those slingback purses
(see picture..thanks

and a totebag and a cloth cover for my secrets journal*

(ok i just got the idea today, but i'm going to get a journal that i'm going to record my secrets sounded like a better idea in my head)

anyways, i'm really excited for the class, becuase i've never really sewn before besides when i hand sewed my can totally tell's kind of funny.

but yea, i like's fun..i brought a glass jar from home to paint to become my pencil cup even though i never use one.

i'm back in that weird i really really want to kiss thing again...and it's not i want to suck someone, anyone's face, it's more of i want to lay in bed with someone i care about and just kiss for hours...and i'm not talking about anyone in particular, because i don't have that kind of person right now..which sucks, because of my situation, but if i did that's what i'd do..but i digress..

..hmm guess that's all for now..

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