Tuesday, January 5, 2010

nye blah blah

well i guess a belated happy new year's is in order...happy new year's. this nye was soooo much fun! went out with one of the besties brianna and her other bf kalisha....definitely a night to remember thanks to a wasted bree lol. we got all gussied up and went to this crazy rachet filled club, but a good time was still had..bree and i always have fun together, we've been friends for about 7 years now (which always freaks me out for some reason whenever i think about it)

i'm doing much much MUCH better than i was when i posted last...i usually have my ups & downs, but i'm doing genuinely well. which is good...i hate moping and being in my feelings...no fun.

so i got alicia keys' new album the element of freedom with some of my itunes moolah....yea haven't been able to turn it off...i listen to while in the car, doing dishes, sitting in my room, taking a bath...i'm listening to it as i write this actually...it's SOOO good! in actuality i really shouldn't be listening to it (at least not as much as i am) because 99.9% of the songs are about love. which is really bad for my health because my mind starts to wander..her first song is called "love is blind"....yea i feel like she wrote that song for me but about a year too late lol. she has another song called distance & time...once again a little late alicia lol, but overall it's definitely her best cd in my opinion...

i currently have $13.29 left of my itunes $ and i'm trying to hold out for corinne bailey rae's new album which comes out later this month. i actually don't think it'll be too hard since there's really no album out there that i absolutely must have. got regina spektor's new album (finally) got my postal service back since i lost it when my other computer died on me, got alicia keys, almost got a fine frenzy's latest stuff, but it didn't blow me away like her other music. so that left me with waiting until CBR drops her music...super excited for that.

so one of the things i like most about being home during break besides sleeping in til noon, being pampered by mumsie, my only responsibility being washing the dishes, hanging out with , getting great internet reception and being able to do absolutely nothing is watching tv shows i can't watch while at school since my remote is dead. bridezillas and platinum weddings are among these. i love watching these shows, because i always ALWAYS ending up thinking in my head "well at my wedding i'm doing/having this and my favors are going to be these and so on and blah blah" then i end up wanting to sit down and plan the whole shebang out..which, as much as i really really want to do, i never do because self conciously feel like a crazy lady since i'm no where near that stage in my life...but it's fun to think about.

i guess it's picture time since i don't have anything else to say...oh these pictures were stolen from bree's facebook page btw..i left my camera cord at school...yea i'm smart i know.

bree and i...yea i didn't realize my boobs

were spilling over my dress that much until

after i got to the club...womp womp

having my usual sippy sip that gets

me up and dancing (libations are the

only way when at the club lol)

besties again! i got purple eyeshadow for the

night...i may or may not be obsessed

with it now...

kalisha boo! she had some BAD shoes

that night..4-5inch heels with feathers

and stone beads...they were hot

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